Ruth Koleva Shares Her Top 5 Influences Playlist

"I fell in love with George Michael's music too late. After he was gone. He's truly one of the best songwriters in history and was a real visionary. He was a great human being too."
27th January 2022

By Vee D

Check out the Top 5 Influences playlist by Bulgarian US-based intriguing jazz-pop singer-songwriter Ruth Koleva. Her new lush track ‘Beyond Borders’ features US singer and composer Diggs Duke, it’s out now via Netherlands-based Wicked Wax label.

Ruth Koleva Top 5 Influences:

Underworld – Born Slippy

I have introduced to Underworld’s music a few years ago and was able to see them live in Amsterdam in 2018. A masterpiece of a show with super high energy and amazing sound. I tend to get inspired by different genres of music and Underworld has really opened a whole new world for me.

Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game

Amy Winehouse was a talent beyond time and space. Her soul, sensuality, lyrics and voice are something that will always stay with me and I’ll come back to. I remember watching the documentary “Amy” in LA and crying for days afterward. A talent lost too soon but gave so much to the world of music.

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Innovation and artistic presentation like no other. I love so many things about David Bowie – his charisma, him standing up and speaking on social issues, his songs, his live performance…even his movies. Genius.

George Michael – Freedom ’90

As I was born in 1990, this song is like a little “birthday anthem” to me. I fell in love with George Michael’s music too late. After he was gone. He’s truly one of the best songwriters in history and was a real visionary. He was a great human being too. He gave away 200 million of his fortune to charity. Quitely. He didn’t do it for PR or recognition. Also, David Fincher is my all-time favorite music video director (and movies, btw) and this video is one of his masterpieces.

Childish Gambino – Redbone

I don’t know what I love about Donald Glover the most. His music, his movies, his videos or his thought process. A living breathing, genius.


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