Top 5 Influences Playlist by Hertfordshire electronic duo TIBASKO

"Going back to our love of digging through worldly music, we've found Bulgarian Folk music has this incredibly captivating element to it"
18 June 2022

By Frank Bell

Rising British electronic DJ duo TIBASKO are poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Traces / Gradients’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming self-titled EP due next month.

TIBASKO is a modern, progressive production project with influences in techno, house, and breakbeat. Drawing from an eclectic mixture of genres, the duo aims to experiment and find inspiration for future projects.

They explain: “The beginning phase of this EP perfectly captures the feeling that this extended project will go down, showing a diverse and eclectic side of all things TIBASKO. We wanted to incorporate a wide range of production techniques across this project and you’ll hear them in both Traces and Gradients. Going back to our love of digging through worldly music, we’ve found Bulgarian Folk music has this
incredibly captivating element to it. ‘Traces’ features a beautiful vocal stemming from old Thracian folklore, which showcases intense and dissonant vocals. Paired with the big, dreamy synth elements we created, we feel it’s drawn out a mysterious and haunting feel to the track. ‘Gradients’ acts as a juxtaposition to ‘Traces’ – we intentionally gave it a more industrial and experimental sound parallel to what you’d find in those sweaty basement raves, whilst the vocals still retain that tribal element we love to include in our music.”

TIBASKO Top 5 Influences

Dauwd – What’s There

Ken TIBASKO: remember hearing this track at university and I was completely absorbed by the little intricacies all throughout – from the gorgeous synth design to the organic percussions. This was actually one of the songs that really cemented my resolve to start learning to produce. To this day, it still stands as one of my go-to tracks to listen to on repeat.

Jacques Greene – Afterglow

Ken TIBASKO: This is one of those albums where every track, especially this one, gives me goosebumps. Since the beginning, we’ve aspired to be at this level of production, from the combination of vocal chops to the innovative percussion approach. Jacques Greene really pushed the boat out during that time, it’s no wonder that this album is a big success.

Rival Consoles – Untravel

Andy TIBASKO: Listening to a lot of ambient music allows us to take a real appreciation for the intricacies and melodies of a piece. This is something that rival consoles do so well with their ambient music.

Joy Orbison – swag w/kav

Andy TIBASKO: Joy has always pushed boundaries with his music branching into multiple genres. Working closely with grime artists and expanding our music into various fields is something we’ve always pushed.

Joy Orbison & Overmono – Bromley

Ken & Andy TIBASKO: From the modular design of the track to the euphoric pads, Bromley is a staple part of our sets when we DJ. The attention to detail throughout the record is insane, and the head-turning vocal that runs throughout the track shows what great sound design can do to elevate a track.