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Tony Baltimore unleashes Alt-Rock and Blues brilliance with ‘Hello Bordello’

"Making a full-length record is an extraordinary experience. No one writes records anymore, it’s a singles based industry now"
20th December 2023

In a world dominated by the transient allure of singles, Tony Baltimore stands as a beacon of authenticity with the release of his latest album, Hello Bordello. Released via Conch Town Records, this infectious blend of alt-rock and blues serves as a testament to Baltimore’s unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling through music.

Drawing inspiration from the multifaceted realms of blues and alt-rock, Tony Baltimore’s sound dances between the raw energy of Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones and the soulful vibes reminiscent of Van Morrison. Hello Bordello encapsulates the full spectrum of Baltimore’s songwriting and performance prowess, showcasing tight guitar tones, infectious melodies, and nuanced layers of piano and organ that mirror the depth of his live sound.

In a conversation about the album, Tony Baltimore laments the current singles-driven industry while expressing his love for the storytelling power of a complete record. Reflecting on the process of creating Hello Bordello, he shares, “These songs belong together, they’re a family. Sonically ‘Hello Bordello’ is my love letter to the music that I love.” With a deliberate nod to the ’70s rock era, Baltimore, with the support of Conch Town Records, brings forth a modern take on a classic sound, staying true to his unique voice.

The freedom to create and write became the cornerstone of Hello Bordello. Baltimore’s partnership with Conch Town Records allowed him to craft a tapestry of emotions, each track a carefully woven thread in a musical journey that defies convention. “Making a full-length record is an extraordinary experience,” he remarks. “I hope that my people hear that when they listen to ‘Hello Bordello’ in its entirety, track by track.”

Photo by Romi Burianova

Baltimore’ explains: “No one writes records anymore, it’s a singles based industry now. That makes me a bit sad because reading the liner notes, listening to an entire record that had intent, purpose & a story is what made me fall in love with songwriting to begin with. Songwriting is the great joy of my life. 

When Mat Smith, the label head of Conch Town Records, asked me if I was interested in doing a follow up to my last record, Let’s All Go Insane, I was certainly interested because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. He’d asked me if I had the material to which I responded, “I have enough material to record five more records right now. But what I want to do is make a modern take on a 1970’s rock & roll record. In my voice.”

Fortunately for me Mat believes in artistry & loved the idea of making a full-length record, as opposed to appeasing the masses with immediacy. That’s what ‘Hello Bordello’ was born out of. The freedom to create & write. Every lyric can be read as a poem, every bit of music has an intended meaning. My favourite songs on this record are five, six or seven minutes long. I was given freedom to create a tapestry I could pour myself into. When you do that, when you purposely go against the grain you take a chance on yourself , you bet everything on yourself. I was allowed to do that, and I’m grateful for that. I’m not sure that’ll ever happen again.

This record is pure emotion from me & nothing short of that. If you can claw yourself as close to madness as mentally possible only to return with a beauty that you love, rest assured you’ve given everything.” 

Collaborating with renowned producer Ian Shaw (Primal Scream, Nick Heyward, Kevin Rowland), Tony Baltimore has garnered widespread acclaim. The album has also received radio play across the UK and US, contributing to Baltimore’s growing fanbase and accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams on DSPs.

Tony Baltimore’s dedication to his craft is as unwavering as his love for music. Known for playing up to 8 shows a week in his home city of Key West, Florida, Baltimore has earned a reputation for his undeniable talent and passion for the stage.

Hello Bordello is a sonic manifesto, an explosive display of alt-rock prowess from an artist who has nothing left to prove, ready for the world to sit up and pay attention. In an industry that often favors immediacy, Tony Baltimore reminds us that true artistry lies in the beauty of a complete musical journey—one that demands to be absorbed and enjoyed in its entirety.

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