Tony Baltimore and his ‘Yesterday’s News’ showcase a sparkling alternative-rock-meets-classic-rock musical approach

"It's a statement of intent. Yesterday’s News sets the tone for an album which showcases more of my rock influences.”
20 September 2023

Tony Baltimore has just released his energetic new song, Yesterday’s News, and it’s nothing short of a musical adrenaline rush.​ This track is a taste of what’s to come on his upcoming album, Hello Bordello, which will be released via Conch Town Records.

Yesterday’s News starts off unpretentiously, with Baltimore‘s guitar and vocals taking center stage. However, it doesn’t take long for the track to evolve, introducing new elements that gradually build up to an explosive chorus. The backing vocals add an extra layer of intensity, highlighting Baltimore‘s stylistic, urgent, and expressive vocal delivery. But it’s in the second verse that the track truly comes alive. It bursts into a frenzy of intense distortion, thick walls of guitars, and pounding drums, seamlessly blending Tony Baltimore‘s melodic tendencies with an alternative-rock-meets-classic-rock musical approach.

Tony Baltimore himself sheds some light on the track’s significance, stating: Yesterday’s News  is a statement of intent. It’s the first single from my upcoming album, and coincidentally, also the first track on the new record. Yesterday’s News sets the tone for an album which showcases more of my rock influences.”

Baltimore‘s return to the music scene is made even more ​​exciting by his collaboration with renowned producer Ian Shaw, known for his work with Primal Scream, Nick Heyward, and Kevin Rowland.

It’s no secret that Baltimore is a dedicated and passionate artist. His reputation as a hard-working musician is well-earned, often performing up to eight electrifying live shows a week in his hometown of Key West, FL.

Baltimore, renowned for his skillful songcraft, edgy guitar riffs, and captivating tunes, has channeled his musical expertise to craft a ​sound that flawlessly captures the vigor and alternative-rock essence​.

With Yesterday’s News as the perfect lead-off to his upcoming album Hello Bordello, the return of Tony Baltimore is no doubt worth paying attention to.

Photos by Romi Burianova Photography