Tom Wharton’s EP ‘Make My Day’ showcases his multifaceted talent

At just 19, his songwriting capabilities shine through as he delves into a broad spectrum of subjects, offering something for every set of ears
26 October 2023

In the tranquil village of Parbold, Northwest England, resides Tom Wharton—a 19-year-old musical virtuoso who stands alone as the ‘only musician in the village.’ His captivating four-track EP, Make My Day, weaves together a enchanting blend of genres by seamlessly incorporating Wharton’s earlier tracks, which have been expertly remixed and remastered, alongside the debut lead title track, Make My Day.

This post-summer alt-folk anthem boasts a rich, acoustic guitar-driven instrumental, interwoven with infectious pop melodies. The lead vocal track, relentless in its delivery, guarantees a chorus that will echo in your mind for days to come.

Following suit is Wonderful, a melody-driven pop gem with undertones of alt-rock, exploring the lyrical concept of that elusive ‘some kinda wonderful’ feeling when you find the right person. As the EP unfolds, Wharton takes a dive into more profound, somber territories. Meant To Be is a hauntingly acoustic, philosophical reflection on the mundane challenges of modern urban life, unapologetically raw and genuine. The EP climaxes with the folk-country track Leaving, a poignant exploration of the regretful sentiment of ‘time wasted’ in the wrong relationship.

Tom Wharton, the sole architect of his musical universe, wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered the EP exclusively from his home studio in rural northwest England. At just 19, his songwriting capabilities shine through as he delves into a broad spectrum of subjects, offering something for every set of ears.

Hailing from the rainy village of Parbold, Wharton’s journey began at the tender age of 2, grasping a toy karaoke machine microphone. Fast forward to his stage debut at 6, where he took the limelight at an Elvis tribute concert, making headlines in the local ‘Ormskirk Advertiser.’ Unfazed by boundaries, he picked up the guitar at 10, fronting the heavy rock trio ‘Unchartered’ from ages 11-16. His solo career gained momentum post-lockdown, showcased in a series of ‘Lockdown Livestreams’ that captivated friends and family.

As Wharton’s musical evolution continued, so did his stage presence. From gigs with ‘Gone Camping’ at prestigious venues across the Northwest to headlining Bickerstock, his talent garnered radio plays on Local and Live Liverpool Radio. The EP encapsulates Wharton’s diverse sound, spanning alt-pop, indie, alt-rock, country, and folk—a musical palette uniquely painted by his own hand.

Influenced by the likes of Wilco, The Eagles, Sam Fender, and Bruce Springsteen, Tom Wharton‘s journey unfolds with each release. Keep an ear out and track his musical journey, witnessing the distinctive imprint he leaves on the expansive canvas of contemporary music.