TOM FEATHERSTONE Gets Better And Better In Latest Release: YOUNG

Tom Featherstone is based in the steel city of Sheffield, the home of the Arctic Monkeys, Sean Bean and a football club named after the most boring day of the week. Tom’s latest single is far from boring, and bares a resemblance to yesterday’s singer-songwriters like Damian Rice and David Gray, but with a feel for tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, you better click play below:

Tom says “It’s a song reflecting on all the added responsibility and expectation we start to throw on ourselves as we grow up realising that we’re expecting so much more from ourselves than we do from others. A song allowing me to give myself a break, enjoy what’s in front of me, not fixating on needing everything to work itself out yet in regards to career, relationships and all the other aspects of life we can get caught up on.”

We’re flying the flag for Tom in 2020, and can’t wait for what’s next – and I’ve been told something is in the works in the not too distant future.