Tips to Stay Healthy in 2020: What Has Changed and What Hasn’t?

Do the steps we all need to take in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy change every year? Not necessarily, but some of those steps have changed most definitely in 2020.
5 November 2020

By Vanessa B

Do the steps we all need to take in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy change every year? Not necessarily, but some of those steps have changed most definitely in 2020. Not that everything you knew about staying healthy before 2020 is invalid now, but in light of an ongoing pandemic and the various health complications that have arisen because of the consequent situations, certain changes in crucial areas are most definitely needed. With that perspective in mind, let’s now focus on some of the necessary changes that can help you stay healthy, even when people are finding it increasingly hard to do so this year.

Rethink the Gym Membership

If you were planning to, or already have a gym membership, it might be time to cancel it for a few months at least. Never before had such a contradicting statement been part of genuine fitness advice, but unfortunately, things have changed this year around. Gyms are environments that are the exact opposites of what the new social distancing norms suggest. They are confined spaces where multiple people are likely to share the same machines, weights, and other equipment while sweating. Most of them are closed indefinitely anyway, so now might be a good time to rethink your gym membership for the foreseeable future.

Rethink Your Jogging/Running/Walking Schedules

It is true that running, walking or jogging in the open is psychologically and physically more refreshing than such activities are inside a gym. Since gyms are out of the question for now, the local park or hiking trail might be excellent places to get your cardio in, but you will likely want to reschedule the sessions.

The problem is, most people are also facing similar issues with going to the gym for exercising, so you will find a lot of them running near or inside local parks and walks. The chances of contracting anything in an open space are very low, as compared to the chances of getting infected while in a confined space, but it’s not absent either. To further minimise any chances of contracting anything while on your jogs or runs, simply reschedule your sessions to a time when the population of joggers and runners is at its lowest around the place where you wish to exercise.

Wear Only Scientifically Proven Facemasks

Facemasks are now mandatory in most sections of the UK, and there’s ample reasoning behind it. Every time you decide to go out in public, be it for a jog or for an errand, wear a mask. However, if you truly wish to protect yourself and your family, you should know that ordinary cloth masks are not going to be sufficient all the time. Go beyond the minimal protection offered by cloth masks, and only wear a RedShield mask, aka the Viractiv Shield.

The Viruferrin-coated Virustatic Shield is proven to be capable of catching and defusing the SARS-COV-2 viral particles, alongside 99% of all other viruses that can cause RTIs. Each of the RedShield masks can provide active protection longer than regular, single-use facemasks, making them more cost-effective than anything else that’s out there. In fact, due to the both-way filtration which these VIRACTIV masks can provide, they are now being put into use by Emergency Services in the UK. You can find the VIRACTIV masks for sale at As of now, a RedShield antiviral mask is the best mask available, which actually has any scientific proof to back it up in favour of the brand’s claims.

Adopt and Adapt Home-Based Workouts

Unless you have the proper space, a home gym may not be feasible, but if you do have it, do not hesitate to invest in a home gym setup. It’s never a bad idea to have a home gym, pandemic or not. Although, given the fact that we will all have to rely on home workouts for at least a few more months, now is definitely the ideal time to invest in a home gym.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the space to accommodate a home gym in your current residence, there are still a ton of exercises that you can do inside even the most confined of spaces to stay fit and active. For a better idea regarding those options, check this YouTube Video here, where it shows how to exercise without any equipment at all.

Finally, if we were to come around to diet, no changes are necessary at all, but that’s only provided that you were already following a proper, well-balanced and healthy diet to begin with. You may need to adjust your caloric consumption, based on the fact that you might be limited to burning fewer calories in the absence of a proper gym environment.