Tips To Help You Get Promoted At Work

Success in your career isn’t promised and finding it can be quite challenging sometimes. A good place to start is to find a job and field you’re passionate about and know will put your skills to use.

There are a few tips worth considering that will help you to get promoted at work and move up the corporate ladder. Apply yourself and focus on improving over time and it won’t be long before others are noticing your efforts and wanting to give you more responsibility. Remember that ultimately you’re in control of your future and how far you go in your professional life, so there’s no better time than now to take matters into your own hands.

Obtain an Advanced Business Degree

One tip to help you get promoted at work is to focus on obtaining an advanced business degree that will put you in a position to become an executive. Getting a doctorate in business administration from Aston University will put you on the right path to making a name for yourself at your job. You’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need to transform your career from good to great. It’s the perfect opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your organisation and show that you have the appropriate problem solving abilities to help move your company in the right direction.

Lead a Project

It’s important that if you want to get ahead in the business world that you show and take initiative. Be proactive by raising your hand to lead a challenging project and see it through from start to finish. Your boss wants to know that you have the ability to stretch yourself and be in charge, even when you’re feeling a bit hesitant or inexperienced. This is a great way to prove that you’re a leader and aren’t afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Others will see that you’re not only trying, but will also give you credit for putting yourself in new and different situations at work.

Remove Yourself from Office Politics and Gossip

The truth is that there can be a lot of unhelpful and hurtful chatter that goes around in any workplace environment. Chose to get involved in it and your career may start to slowly fall apart or hit unexpected roadblocks. Instead, make the decision to remove yourself from office politics and gossip and rise above the rumours. You’ll thank yourself later down the road when you achieve your career aspirations and are selected for an executive level position. It’ll be possible because you’ll be focused and dedicated to doing a good job at work, instead of getting caught up in any drama and becoming distracted by it.

Track and Communicate Your Achievements 

Another tip to help you get promoted at work is to proactively track your own achievements. Not only write them down and note what you’ve done well, but communicate these details to your boss and upper management. They may be so busy with their own work and jobs that they don’t notice all efforts and the impact you’re having on the success of the company. If you want to get promoted then you have to be your own advocate and willing to make it clear why you’re an invaluable member of the team and ready to take on more responsibility. 

Build Trust with Others

You may also want to focus your time and energy on building trust with others in the workplace so you can get promoted quicker. You want others to view you as someone who they can turn to for information and advice. It’s important that you keep your promises with others and hit deadlines that you commit to at your job. Learn to put your ego aside and give other co-workers praise when they deserve it. Furthermore, always practice being open and honest in your communications with others. Be consistent and dependable and willing to share your knowledge and information with those in the workplace instead of hoarding it. 

Speak up and Express Your Ideas

Employers want workers who are able to solve problems instead of create them and complain. Therefore, get in the habit of speaking up with confidence and expressing your ideas at your job. You can’t be afraid to be wrong or look silly if you want to succeed in your career. You need to have enough confidence in yourself and your abilities to relay what’s on your mind in a clear and concise fashion. You’re more likely to get promoted when you speak up because people will get to know you better and it’ll be obvious you care about your job and bettering the company. Use your voice to not only share your thoughts, but to ask for more responsibility and a promotion so it’s clear your boss knows what you’re after. 

Go Above and Beyond Your Job Description 

Additionally, it’s a wise idea to go above and beyond what your job description entails if you want to get promoted at work. Others will take note and appreciate you’re not just doing the bare minimum and trying to just get by. Pitch in and help out your colleagues when they need it and offer to stay late once in a while to move projects along in a steady manner. You’re going to have to demonstrate that you aren’t afraid of hard work and doing more than what’s expected of you if you want to succeed professionally. 

Minimise Mistakes 

You’re human and are going to make mistakes at work. However, it’s how you address and handle them that matters the most. Admit to when you’re at fault and don’t try to hide or lie your way out of a sticky situation. You’ll be a much more attractive candidate to promote when you minimise mistakes and errors and don’t continue to commit the same ones over and over again. People will respect you more at work when you communicate your weaknesses and mishaps and work hard to overcome them instead of let them negatively impact you.