Tips For Choosing An Urban Property For An Active Lifestyle

By Vanessa B

It is easy to imagine that living in the city is less healthy than moving to a rural location, yet it doesn’t have to be like this. If you keep in mind some important points while searching for an urban property it is in fact possible to select a location that facilitates an active lifestyle.

Look for Nearby Gyms and Other Facilities

A lack of time is one of the major problems that people encounter when they try to add some exercise to their life in the city. If you have long days at work and spent a lot of time commuting it could be a struggle to get out to a gym or some other place where you can exercise.

Ideally, you would live or work in a building that has a gym in it or right next to it. This opens up the possibility of using it before you go to work in the morning or when you get home in the evening. A lot of hugely successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Barack Obama choose to start their days very early with some exercise to get them going.

Most big cities have a range of facilities for sports like squash, badminton, football and a lot more. You could narrow down your search for a new place to live by looking on Google Maps for the different locations where your chosen type of exercise can be carried out.

Find a Cycling Route to Work

Cycling to work is one of the very best ways of adding some extra activity to your days. There are plenty of other benefits to commuting by bike as well, from saving money to helping the environment and boosting your mental health. You will want to find a safe, suitable route for cycling from your home to work that you feel you can handle day in and day out. If you can get there on a cycle lane this is so much better in terms of your safety.

There is a risk of getting bored if you cycle on the same route every day, so having a couple of different options available to you will help to keep it interesting and perhaps mean that you can avoid the temptation of taking public transport.

Look for Places Worth Walking To

It is easy to slip into the habit of taking public transport or driving everywhere. Yet, urban environments are also great for exploring by foot, and by not buying a car you can invest more money towards your property too.

You might want to take a look at the latest advice on mortgages from an online resource to see how much you can borrow with different sizes of deposit. Seeing what a tool like Trussle has to say could help you make a decision. The more you can save on transport the lower your monthly repayments will be if you use the extra cash on your property purchase.

Most decent-sized cities have museums, parks, theatres and other interesting places that you might never see if you never get out to walk. When looking for a new place to live it makes sense to search for somewhere that has some walking routes near it that you are interested in trying out.

By using these ideas as you look at properties, you can find an urban home that lets you stay as active as you want to be.