By Vasco Dega

US-Based singer and songwriter Tiphanie Doucet has released her latest single You and I and with hints of rock eloquently combined with sleek smooth vocals, it is a must-listen.

From starring in Chante (French Glee-like TV) to performing on Canada’s ‘The Voice’, Tiphanie has already been making a very strong name for herself in the performance industry and, luckily for us, has decided to take a strong leap in her own direction!

The gleaming success of her first release ‘Under my Sun’ was the starting point for Tiphanie to build momentum into her five-track Alt-Rock/Folk ‘Painted Blue’ featuring ‘You and I’ as the lead single.

You and I is the musical equivalent of a ying-yang, the elements of rock from the drums and electric guitar give a gritty hard edge skillfully representative of Tiphanie’s resilient nature. Her smooth, emotionally charged vocals draw you in floating between pain and empowerment as the shining production and keys provide us with an airy counterbalance in the track. 

The track uses both French and English to convey love and heartache. “I wrote ‘You and I’ with the context of a fascinatingly short but strong heartbreak. I noticed how blue I was following the relationship and that he was happy with someone else, the realization was hard to take.” Tiphanie explained, “So many people can relate to the feeling of longing the intensity of relationships. In the track, I sing like I am on a mission that can’t fail. My wistful tones, full of romance that may not always get reciprocated, and the personal nature of the piece will see listeners foraging through their personal experiences of heartbreak.”

You and I is a statement from Tiphanie cementing her place in the indie music industry.