Ting Tings welcome return to Belfast

By Paul Rolston
THE Ting Tings have announced a string of new dates which includes Belfast’s Spring & Airbrake on Friday April 11.
This gig announcement comes after sell out show in the Mandela Hall in January.

The NME headliners will release their debut album We Started Nothing on May 19.
Ting Tings front woman is Wigan girl Katie White, who had a colourful musical taste in her youth which she describes now as “old crap”.
Far from that now, she has teamed up with Jules de Martino to create a bohemian style of music that has taken Manchester by storm.
As The Ting Tings, Katie and Jules have a close enough musical bond to suggest that they might be, or might once have been intimately involved.
“Believe me,” said Jules. “We’re way too close for that”.
“And besides,” added Katie, “We’d hate each other by now, the amount of time we spend in each other’s company, if anything like that was going on”.
Although The Ting Tings had the opportunity to sign to the label Factory when they were at the height of their powers, they decided to turn to Mike Pickles of the Hacienda fame to incubate their rise in the music industry.
Katie said: “What we do is mostly a happy accident.
“Was it good luck or refusing to play the game? Who cares? I’m having too good a time with all this to think about it”.

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