2009’s Biggest selling UK male artist and Brit nominated, Tinchy Stryder met fans at Clockwork Orange , Victoria Square where he was launching his new clothing line, ‘Star In The Hood’.
Star In The Hood is exclusively available in Northern Ireland at Clockwork Orange.

Later in the evening, Tinchy Stryder performed at his sold-out gig at the St Georges Market to a very excited Belfast crowd. Fans high- pitched screams didn’t stop from the moment a curtain bearing the rapper’s image dropped, while a contest to catch a T-shirt that he had used to wipe sweat from his stomach came close to causing a riot.
He refused to remove his oversized shades, constantly changed into different T-shirts from his own range.
His brand, however, is strictly aimed at teens, as is his music, which smartly blends house beats with hip-hop and R&B. Tinchy Stryder energy was infectious.
Photos by © Fabrizio Belluschi/Paul Fryer/FAME Inc