Great news Gossip lovers…! As the next instalment of Manhattan’s most infamous society blogger comes flying back on our TV screens, there’s no reason to miss a single juicy morsel as Gossip Girl Season 3 will be available to download from both iTunes and Blinkbox from 11th March, directly following each TV broadcast –that’s just two days after it’s aired in the states!
Season 3 got off to an explosive start as we followed our Upper East Side clique taking on college and rubbing shoulders with a host of glitzy guest stars including Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks.

And part two of the season is guaranteed not to disappoint as the plot lines surrounding our scandalous socialites get bigger, better and bitchier than ever!
As ever, the all-knowing and all-seeing blogger, Gossip Girl, is set to spill the beans and fan fires as the beautiful New Yorkers lie and cheat their way through their glamorous lives.

And there are some big questions to be answered as part two of season 3 kicks off – Will Chuck and Blair’s relationship stand the test of time? Is love finally on the cards for Dan and Vanessa? And what is the dark family secret that is coming back to haunt Chuck?

One thing’s for sure….Gossip Girl will be sure to divulge every twisted trial and titillating tribulation! It’s going to be sexy, it’s going to be shocking, and it’s going to keep you glued to your screens. And with an instant digital download available on iTunes and Blinkbox, you can watch it anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you want.

Don’t miss a single scandalous instalment – log on to and to continue watching the shenanigans unfold from March 11th 2010.

Gossip Girl season 1 and 2 complete DVD box sets are available to buy now. Gossip Girl Season 3 will be showing on ITV2 from 10th March