Tim North’s ‘Idle Hands’ is the perfect anthem for anyone experiencing FOMO

No matter if you're partying in a club or relaxing on the sofa, this song speaks to you.
30th June 2023

Toronto artist Tim North dropped a catchy song called Idle Hands that captures the feeling of boredom and fear of missing our social media-obsessed world. It’s the perfect anthem for anyone experiencing major FOMO.

With plenty of synths, bass, drum machines, and catchy tunes, Idle Hands is the perfect song to blast before hitting the town.

Idle Hands, which he co-wrote with Jenson Vaughan during the pandemic, reflects that sense of excitement that anyone can relate to. No matter if you’re partying in a club or relaxing on the sofa, this song speaks to you.

The lush music video – directed by Aaron A & Camm Hunter for Grade A Films – is basically a short film, where North starts off by chilling alone in their apartment and then gets ready for a crazy night out on the town. It totally captures that FOMO vibe we all get on weekends, you know, that fear of missing out feeling.

North‘s vocals are on point! They effortlessly switch between rapping in the verses and delivering a raspy, sung hook. It’s like a super mixture of Post Malone, Blackbear, and Drake’s legendary flux.

This talented artist, who’s into rap, music production, and songwriting, got his big break on SoundCloud in 2018 all thanks to Dre London. He calls himself the “International Cultural Vibe Curator” and has collaborated with Post Malone.

So he hung out in LA with Post Malone and his crew, getting to see how they put together hits like Congratulations and I Fall Apart.

After finding success as a songwriter, North got the chance to collaborate with some big names in the industry like Louis Bell (Post Malone), Neil Ormandy (James Arthur), and Jenson Vaughan (Madonna).

After writing a super popular song that went 4x Platinum for this Russian artist Eldzhey, and traveling all over the place to attend writing camps in different countries, he managed to score a sweet publishing deal with Ultra Music in 2019.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on Tim North.

Photo by Aaron Bertrand