Tim Holehouse’s AVEIRO Captures All The Beauty Of The Portuguese City

Tim Holehouse describes himself on Facebook as a hobo musician, and the sound of his new album Come is proper troubadour music, the sounds and accomplished writer of a hard working rustic musician who’s seen his fair share of action in music venues, bars and clubs around the world.

Departing from the mutant delta blues stylings of his previous works, this new album is an eccentric sort of Americana meets folk, downbeat pastel sounding album that is laced with interesting stories and weathered experience.

Aveiro from the album is a real pastoral sounding gem aiming to capture the essence of the Portuguese city of the same name. Regal strings pick out the main melody and there’s a buoyant flowing feel to the song as Holehouse’s scratchy vocals ride on top. Sweeping female harmonies and beautiful piano add to the mourish folky gorgeousness.