Tim Ayre’s Top 5 Melbourne Club Guide

Melbourne based singer-songwriter / producer Tim Ayre, puts together for FM his Top 5 Melbourne Club Guide. His new dream-pop bliss is called Not Like It Should out now via Kitsuné. The single is taken from his eponymous debut EP due November 2019.

Tim Ayre’s Top 5 Melbourne Club Guide:

I first moved to Melbourne from Perth about 4 years ago and it was just cool to see so many different scenes all thriving in their own way across the cities venues. It’s always felt like the place encourages a healthy (depending on who you ask) and vibrant nightlife which can only be a good thing for developing artists and having a biiig night.

The Night Cat

I’ve been to some of my favourite shows here and it’s always different. There’s some amazing Disco nights. 

Revolver Upstairs

A Melbourne institution. Must been seen on a Sunday morning. 

Brown Alley

I’ve been to some soul nights here that are great, another place a bit like the Night Cat where it’s different all the time and there’s always good music touring. 


This place has a great fit out and it’s always an incredible lineup on the progressive electronic tip. 

Breakfast Club

For when you just can’t let go of the weekend, this place opens up on Monday morning. Grab a ticket (deli style) and wait for the glorious moment when you are let into heaven (the roof)

By Tim Ayre for FM