Tik Tok Star, NICO ANNELLO Releases 3rd Single

With an army of over 250,000 followers across Tik Tok and Instagram, Nico Annello has unveiled his latest musical creation, What’s It Gonna Be. After watching her older sister, Sophia Annello work on songwriting and performing her own music, Nico knew he was destined to enter the music industry sooner rather than later. It was actually a cover between him and his sister that got him discovered by a booking agent which immediately booked them for a tour of The Rustic venues across Texas. 

With What’s It Gonna Be, Nico Annello follows along with his past two tracks, blending clean electronic productions with his signature airy voice. The result is something youthful, uplifting and uniquely soothing that keeps you coming back for more. Perfect for long drives and destined to make your favourite Pop playlists, be sure to stream What’s It Gonna Be using the link below: