tigaCheck out Tiga vs Audion’s new collaboration for ‘Fever’. A deliriously hypnotic techno jam with satanic rave horns…‘Fever’ is a further glimpse into Tiga’s forthcoming new album of which Audion, aka Matthew Dear, is a co-producer. Here’s the blistering remix by KiNK.

Electronic-music innovator Audion explains: “Tiga and I worked on Fever for an entire day, running it through various tempos, styles and arrangements, but nothing would stick. Then, sometime around 2am, it all clicked.

We moved out of the way and the song essentially wrote itself. The vocal hook commanded the new direction, and after it was laid out, we slept. What you hear is that 2am perfection; only reachable when the world and your mind is asleep to all things conscious”.