Tiberius share captivating mini album ‘Fish In A Pond’

"It explores themes of slipping into the monotonous aches of domesticated ‘9 to 5’ life"
30th June 2023

Tiberius is the dynamic emo psychedelia project led by Brendan Wright. Get ready to be hooked by their new 7-track Album called , Fish in a Pond.

It’s packed with deep, thoughtful vibes and high-energy beats that will keep you captivated from start to finish.

Fish in a Pond takes listeners on a groovy and nostalgic trip, mixing psychedelic indie, emo, alt-country, and folk-pop vibes.

Starting off with the first song Tiberius, it creates a cool vibe with its atmospheric sounds and emotional lyrics. This album really takes you on a one-of-a-kind musical journey.

Taking cues from awesome artists like Pinegrove, Car Seat Headrest, Field Medic, The Flaming Lips, and Tame Impala, Tiberius mixes their styles to create their own rad sound in the indie music scene.

Brendan Wright totally concocted the song Clippers all alone in his super grouchy house in Allston and in the warehouse of the Sound Museum, which unfortunately no longer exists.

Working together with his bandmates Kelven Polite (bass), Christian Pace (guitar), and Ben Curell (drums), Brendan Wright has created a sound that really captures the energy of their live shows. They also tried to break free of the typical album structure, making it even more unique.

Wright explains: “This record is about finding oneself in their twenties. It explores themes of slipping into the monotonous aches of domesticated ‘9 to 5’ life, the expectations and understanding of belonging to a community, the anxiety that can come with being perceived in the eyes of the other, as well as trying to live up to the preconceived notions that one makes for themselves and where they “should be” in life at this point.”

With their mix of guitar, drums, bass, synth, clarinet, and vocals, they create a super catchy sound that will totally grab your attention.

Tiberius is a band that knows how to bring the good vibrations with their unique and captivating music. Their sound is both deep and relatable, giving you an introspective yet energetic listening experience.

Photo by Erin Christie