Photo by Georgiana Feidi

Thy Veils release ‘Here We Are Sidereal’: Elevating transcendence and consciousness through music

In a mesmerizing display, they dance gracefully to the slow-building rhythmic beats and reverberations of the track
11 December 2023

Romanian art collective Thy Veils have just released a recording of one of their electrifying live performances, entitled Here We Are Sidereal. With this latest performance, the group’s continuous exploration of using music as a medium of transcendence and consciousness has aligned with the stars.  The track was performed at this year’s Galactic Tick Day Festival –  if you’ve never heard of it; now you have. 

The 2023 Galactic Tick Day Festival was held in Timișoara, România, which is this year’s European Capital of Culture. It’s a festival to celebrate and raise awareness about the fascinating movement of our planet’s progress around the Milky Way. 

Galactic Tick Day occurs on a regular interval of 1.7361 years, called a Galactic Tick, and it represents 1/129,600,000 (one centi-arcsecond) of our solar system’s orbit around that black hole at the centre of the Milky Way.

In a mesmerizing display, they dance gracefully to the slow-building rhythmic beats and reverberations of the track. Enhanced by a visually dazzling light show, the performance feels intergalactic, as if they’ve opened a direct portal to outer space on Earth.

The track is a powerful electronic piece, featuring various instrumental effects, ambient world noise, ethereal vocals, and electrifying beats. Together, these elements form a spine-tingling musical experience that resonates deeply with the soul.

The deeply immersive, intoxicating soundscape created here encourages the listener to look inward and connect with their spiritual self, leaving the physical world behind and becoming one with the stars in the galaxy. 

Embracing the vast deep void of space with open arms, and our place within it upon our pale blue dot of a planet, is a way for listeners to look beyond the mundane, gaze within themselves and maybe even unlock deeper levels of consciousness. It’s this idea of transcending the physical world that is at the heart of Thy Veils endeavours as a group.

Since the group’s founding in 1995, Thy Veils have been performing and creating art, paving the way for a new wave of innovative, experimental artists to emerge from Romania’s cultural scene. Their impact is undeniable, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

Photos by Georgiana Feidi