Three Essential Resources For Breaking Into The Music Industry

By Vanessa B

Music is literally the soundtrack to our lives, whether we realize it or not. With it being estimated that we listen to approximately three and a half thousand songs each year, there is no doubt that music plays a vital role in society. With us through the good times and the bad, it provides solace and comfort as well as accompanying motivation or celebration.

Suppose your dream is to be a musician. Launching into the music business is no easy feat and can take a lot of time and effort to be successful. 

While social media and the internet play a pivotal role in the success of musicians, there are helpful resources that can be used to further contribute towards your success, and this is where we come into the equation.

Read on to discover some of the many valuable resources to be used by budding musicians in 2021 and beyond. No matter the genre you intend to break into, we feel confident you will find something worthwhile here. 


It goes without saying, but you must have an established support network and fanbase to break into the creative industry effectively. These people will be the ones who help to spread the word about your work while also giving you a foundation from which to work.

At the same time, there are resources available for musicians and others for connecting with these audiences. Promoting your work as an artist is critical, but so is presenting yourself in a way that appeals to these audiences. Social media platforms provide the best opportunity to communicate and engage with your audiences and should be used to the fullest extent. This handy guide is a good place to start. Remember, it’s never too late to join the game and start putting yourself out there. The social media landscape is always changing and being flexible to change and adapt with it is key. 


This could be viewed as single-handedly the most important part of being a musician. Without the means for creating your music, you are a little bit stuck! Knowing what software and technology is available to you as a budding musician is a critical ingredient in the recipe for your success. 

There are a variety of free and paid software available for creative individuals in your situation and beyond. Musicians should make an effort to have a laptop or computer for mixing and creating their music. This enables them to use one of the many virtual studio technologies (VSTs) that exist. 

Knowing what free VST plugins are available can be a task in itself, for there are so many out there with each offering its own benefits. Thankfully, Whipped Cream Sounds have compiled this list of VST plugins to make the decision-making process much easier for you. 


Following a prolonged hiatus for live performances due to the pandemic, there will undoubtedly be many musicians eager to get back on stage doing what they enjoy. For those big names, the opportunities will crop up left, right, and center. Compare that to the smaller performers, and you have a different story unfolding. 

Networking with other performers will open up opportunities for you, whether that be solo or collaborative ones. While social media platforms are a valuable way to network with like-minded individuals, there are other networking opportunities, including attending in-person events. 

While we recognise these types of events were put on the backburner throughout the pandemic and various lockdowns, following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions, we should expect these events to be making a comeback. Explore your local area for these types of events, as well as those further afield. 

While this piece has outlined just some of the valuable resources for up-and-coming musicians, we hope it has given an insight into the available tools for you and your career. No matter the genre you intend to break into, we wish you the absolute best of luck! 



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