These Practical Car Models Are Surprisingly Stylish

Most likely, at some point in your life, the time will come when you need to buy a car. But there's a problem.
1 October 2020

By Vanessa Bell

Most likely, at some point in your life, the time will come when you need to buy a car. But there’s a problem. While perhaps you’d love something stylish, adult responsibilities, like work or family often force you to consider the practicalities too, which can make the choice quite difficult. 

Manufacturers today, however, are well aware that drivers want beautiful and practical cars, all in one package. 

If this is you, then check out these great options:

Ford Mondeo

Go back twenty years, and the Ford Mondeo was practically the only car you’d see on the road. Millions of families had them, preferring it to almost any other sedan on the market. 

Ford recently announced that it was the end of the line for the Mondeo, but that doesn’t mean it should be off your radar. Second-hand models are just about the most practical car you can buy, offering plenty of space for both luggage and passengers. 

What’s more, the most recent generations of the Mondeo are incredibly rare on the road. If you drive one of these puppies, you stand out quite a lot. Many people can’t even recognize the car and mistake it for something from a prestigious brand, like Jaguar. 

Volkswagen Eos

If you’re looking for something both sporty, convertible, and practical, then the VW Eos should be on your radar. The car offers decent performance, excellent economy, and plenty of room in the back for friends. Like any convertible, it is never going to be as practical as an SUV. But relatively speaking, it is one of the best in this category, if not the best. 

Volkswagen T-roc

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish car, you can’t go wrong with a used Volkswagen T-roc. The model borrows heavily from the design language of the ever-popular Golf, offering a fresh, robust, and modern aesthetic. The vehicle has ample space in the back for passengers and is the perfect option for anyone interested in outdoor pursuits. 

Mercedes Benz

With a variety of different models to choose from you are sure to find comfort and style in a vehicle like this. Whether you’re seeking a roomy option such as the S-Class or you’re hoping to turn heads with an E-Class, there are a number of Mercedes dealers with a wide array of models for you to explore. From slick designs to family-style vehicles, this is the type of car that you truly can’t go wrong with. Visit your local dealership and arrange a test drive so that you can discover which Mercedes Benz suits your needs and personal style.

Hyundai ix35

SUVs usually offer plenty of space, but not much in the way of style. With the ix35, though, Hyundai is attempting to put a stop to all that. Its new vehicle features ultra-modern lines, a trim, elegant shape, and plenty of eco-friendly features to keep even the greenest of motorists interested. 

Be warned though, that it comes with a manual transmission, and so it might not be suitable for everyone. 

Audi A6

Those in the market for a large saloon car should also consider the Audi A6, either new or used. The model has an elegant appearance that competes directly against the likes of the Mercedes E-Class. There’s a sense of restraint about the vehicle that you don’t get from many other modern manufacturers. Audi’s designers could have gone a lot further, but they decided not to, preferring to keep the outer shell of the vehicle demure and understated. 

Finding practical and stylish cars is, as we can see, becoming significantly easier. There are still some real eyesores out there, but thankfully, not as many as in the past.