These 8 Timeless Accessories Make Simply Perfect Christmas Gifts

It's true, gift-giving can get tricky. But it doesn't have to be. Timeless accessories are one of the best choices for a Christmas gift.
19 November 2020

By Milda Urbonaite

With holiday shopping gathering steam, many of us have begun racking our brains for what to gift our loved ones with this season.

It’s true, gift-giving can get tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. Timeless accessories are one of the best choices for a Christmas gift. You don’t need to worry about the size, knowing the person too intimately (like when choosing perfume) or whether the gift will end up forgotten in a closet – everybody needs a good wallet!

Here is a list of some of the best timeless accessories you can give as gifts this holiday season. 

Earrings in a classic style

The only thing you need to know before buying this gift is whether the person has their ears pierced! Otherwise, classic earrings such as studs or hoops are always welcome in every woman’s (and some men’s!) jewellery box.

Studs and dainty hoops are very versatile. They can be worn daily or to a fancy dinner. When choosing studs, opt for gold, platinum, pearls, or if the budget allows – tiny diamonds. Classic hoops come in gold, platinum, or silver, which is a great choice when buying a little girl’s gift. 

A classic black handbag

A black leather or faux leather handbag, computer bag, clutch, or backpack is a wardrobe staple in every person’s closet. It goes with any outfit and never goes out of style. That’s what makes this gift fool-proof! 

The choice is all yours – from functional, budget handmade bags for your busy colleague (check out Etsy!) to designer clutches for your best friend.  

And if you’re picking out a gift for a very special someone, you’ll never go wrong with a classic soft quilted Chanel bag. It’s a luxurious statement piece that they will wear for years to everyday activities and evening events, weddings and more. 

An elegant watch 

Another gift that your loved ones will cherish for years to come is an elegant watch. 

Today, you don’t have to splurge to get a unique Swiss-made piece anymore. Just look for young starting designers or vintage shops online. You might be surprised by the incredible options available!

And if you can afford something glamorous and high-end, it will be a cherished piece of memorabilia for a lifetime. 

Choose classic gold, platinum, rose gold, or quality leather. Digital 90s watches are cool, but they don’t offer as much longevity. 

A black belt 

A classic black belt with a minimalistic buckle is a fashion item that will find a place in anyone’s wardrobe. Even if it doesn’t serve a direct function like keeping the trousers tied, a belt can add style and pull an outfit together. 

Both men and women will be thrilled to receive a quality leather belt. If you’d prefer to get one made from faux leather, make sure you do your research and find something that won’t fall apart in a few months.

A scarf

Scarf is an accessory of many uses and faces. It can be used to keep yourself warm, add some extra flair to your outfit, protect your head from the sun, or tied to a handbag for that French look. says, whether they’re silky or for cold weather, the world of scarves remains relatively unchanged over the years. That’s what makes them such a wonderful and timeless gift! 

A gold or silver chain

This piece of jewellery is timeless and never goes out of style. We recommend choosing delicate and thin necklaces or bracelets as gifts (for both men and women) to be on the safe side – they go with everything or can even be subtly hidden under a shirt. 

Gold jewellery is usually more valued, but if you’re looking to get something on a budget, quality silver is also a great choice! 

Quality t-shirts 

If there’s one thing everyone needs all the time is high-quality t-shirts. They are worn all the time during any season and can be styled with basically any outfit. 

When buying t-shirts as a gift, make sure you get the best quality and opt for classic neutral colours such as white, black, navy or grey. You can also gift a set such as classic t shirts by Your friend won’t have to worry about buying t-shirts for a while! 

A wallet

While some people don’t carry wallets anymore, thanks to smartphones or using only credit cards, a quality timeless wallet is of great value for most of us. 

And according to, a good wallet is a key embellishment for men.

When buying a wallet for a gift, always choose classic leather and go for functional and minimalistic style. No need to experiment with colours either – men generally appreciate black and brown, while for women, burgundy, beige, or navy also make great choices.