Theresa ignites the summer with ‘Vacation’, a vibrant homage to getaways and good vibes

It's that winning combo of catchiness and perfectly-timed polish that makes it the ultimate escape anthem.
5 July 2024

Theresa’s latest track, Vacation, encapsulates the essence of summer with its lively and spirited tune. Born from a moment of inspiration in the least expected of places—a bathroom at Beloved Playa Mujeres resort in Mexico—the song radiates with the electrifying energy of a Madonna soundtrack. Theresa’s spontaneous creation of the catchy chorus, “vacation…vacation…let’s get away on holiday,” during her stay, epitomizes the track’s fresh and joyful vibe. 

The song’s journey from a spontaneous idea to a polished hit unfolded in Los Angeles, where Theresa collaborated with Lu D from Mystery Skulls. Their synergy resulted in crafting this exuberant track in just a few hours, with final production touches by Mike MacAllister sealing the perfect vacation vibe. Theresa puts her finger on why the song’s so irresistible – it’s that winning combo of catchiness and perfectly-timed polish that makes it the ultimate escape anthem. 

Theresa explians: “I pretty much wrote all the lyrics and most of the melody in my head that trip. When working with Lu D, I shared my vision with him and we created an infectious bop in just a couple of hours. It’s such a special song and I’m actually happy that it took a little longer to finish as I do think it was worth the wait!”

With every step, every strum, and every beat, Theresa’s musical career thundered to life, resurrecting a fire that refused to be extinguished. Since deciding to pursue music full-heartedly five years ago, Theresa has released 17 singles, captivating a global audience with her unique sound and accumulating impressive streaming numbers. 

By day, she balances a high-powered career in advertising music, a duality she likens to the dual identities of Jem and Jerrica from the iconic 80s series. From her early influences like Madonna and Duran Duran to her current inspirations drawn from daily experiences and surroundings in Queens, NY, Theresa’s style is eclectic and constantly evolving. With her songwriting, the creativity flows effortlessly, yielding a richly varied body of work that keeps evolving.

As Theresa prepares to release her music video for Vacation and teases another upcoming single, Love Conquers All, the excitement builds. With live dates on the horizon, 2024 is poised to be a thrilling year for Theresa and her growing legion of fans, as she continues to blaze trails and inspire through her music.