Theo Ogundipe shares multi-dimensional and universal ode to love ‘L.A.’

The song's soulful melodies resonate deeply, carrying listeners through Ogundipe's unfiltered experiences with an authenticity that is both raw and sincere
25 August 2023

Theo Ogundipe, the star of Top Boy and a rising artist, has given us a sneak peek into his new EP as he drops the enchanting, heart-wrenching track L.A.

The exciting, London-based and Nigerian-born artist, dives deep into matters of the heart in his latest offering, showcasing his evolving production skills and a distinctive, sophisticated vocal style.

Having recently released the eclectic and raw single Plato Freestyle, his new song L.A. takes a different musical direction, infusing new soul and R&B elements while maintaining his signature refined vocal cadence.

The stunningly immersive accompanying music video for L.A. shows his natural inclination towards screenplays and films, displaying his progress as an artist in various mediums.

Despite his relative newness to filmmaking, the collaboration and support of fellow creatives enabled him to harness his creative instincts fully. Set against the backdrop of a Royal Shakespeare Company rehearsal room, the video seamlessly interweaves scenes, uniting like-minded talents to craft a transcendent and love-infused visual experience.

Discussing the essence of the song, Theo Ogundipe explains, L.A. is a multi-dimensional and universal Ode to LOVE.”

The song’s soulful melodies resonate deeply, carrying listeners through Ogundipe‘s unfiltered experiences with an authenticity that is both raw and sincere. His lyrics often resemble a stream of consciousness, offering insights into his internal dialogues and gradually assembling a mosaic of thought-provoking reflections. Supported by unhurried yet rhythmic drum patterns, the song’s chorus stands out as a moment of impactful euphony, skillfully enhancing the overall composition.

Theo Ogundipe‘s music is like a beautifully smooth mixtape of soul, hip-hop, indie, and R&B. Thanks to his musical theatre and acting experience, he brings a special theatrical touch to his music performances that really makes him stand out from the crowd.

Photos by Wolli Films