By Vasco Dega

Singer-songwriter Theo Kandel unveils a new side to his eclectic style with his new indie-inspired singles Around The Bend / Little Shifts on Love & Other Complaints Volume 3

Hailing from New York, now based in Nashville following his study at Vanderbilt University; Theo has incorporated genre fluidity (from Pop to Folk to Indie) into his sound and latest singles, working to craft a diverse array of glossy soundscapes. 

Having already captivated us with the recent releases from his Love & Other Complaints project, Theo draws inspiration from indie-rock/pop territory to create a new foot-tapping, two part single, for Volume 3. Beginning with Around The Bend, it immediately hooks you with its smooth guitar-led instrumental; while Theo’s delightful vocals, alongside warm guitar riffs, carry you through the track on Little Shifts. 

The perfect pick-me-up in light of how many of us have been feeling, Theo draws on his desire to find positivity in times of relative darkness, and talks about how he “Wanted to figure out ways to make my sad thoughts happy again”, in explaining the inspiration behind the track.