THEE MORE SHALLOWS To Release First Album In Fourteen Years DAD JAMS

By Vasco Dega

Acclaimed experimental indie rock band Thee More Shallows are set to return after a fourteen-year hiatus with quite possibly the coolest record anyone’s ever written about fatherhood, Dad Jams out 28th May on Monotreme Records.

Ahead of the release, the band has dropped the psychedelic hippy-infused math-pop Ancient Baby, an invigorating blast, its weaving flute refrain becoming more and more embedded in the mind with each return. As a taster for the album, it’s left us wanting more!

Dad Jams is a retrospective look at life’s trajectory and the personal and creative choices that shape its convoluted path. Musically, it retains the adventurous, experimental edge of previous Thee More Shallows albums, but is also rooted in a stronger pop sensibility, with plenty of bouncy, hooky melodies that burrow into the mind for days.