X FACTOR judge Cheryl Cole and funnyman Russell Brand have come out tops as the perfect date for the office Christmas party. A survey by the British Greyhound Racing Board found that the Girls Aloud singer and comedian would be the top of the guest list this festive season.When asked which celebrities they would most like to see at their Christmas work party male office workers picked Cheryl, while Russell Brand tops the guest list for female partygoers.
The research also found that almost 70 per cent of us simply couldn’t care less about the office Christmas bash primarily because we don’t want to make merry with our work colleagues.

Lovers of the annual office knees up were in the minority as almost a third of those polled declared they actively hate it and over 40 per cent said they just plain don’t care.
The biggest turn off is having to socialise with people they have nothing in common with (43 per cent), so it’s no surprise that over a third (36 per cent) said they find the whole experience a bore and feared getting stuck with the office nerd (33 per cent).
The social pressure to be witty, entertaining and glamorous was also evident with one in five saying they felt out of place and hated having to dress up.
The office night out can also be a source of embarrassment with nearly a quarter of partygoers telling someone exactly what they think of them, one in five ending up snogging the boss or a colleague and the biggest embarrassment was dancing like an idiot (41 per cent).
Leading behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings said: “Office parties are universally dreaded for many reasons. While most people like to let their hair down and enjoy the fact that they are being treated to an event, they don’t want to be out in a potentially embarrassing or dull situation with colleagues, with the only common thread being work itself.
“While we can choose our friends to party and socialise with – we cannot choose our work colleagues.
“Therefore an unnatural situation is created where we are obliged to socialise, relax and even dance with people we would prefer only to see in a working context.
“Add a few drinks to this already awkward mix and it’s a potential recipe for disaster. To this end, bosses should look at alternative party solutions, ones that create a bonding activity which is fun but avoids personal issues, boredom or embarrassment, and suggest a venue and a social environment in which office hierarchy is not an issue so that people do not feel out of place”.
The British Greyhound Racing Board, the body behind the UK’s 28 licensed greyhound racing stadia conduct the poll to ensure Christmas party planning at “the dogs” gives people what they want.
Hemmings added: “A night at the dogs is a great alternative – it’s simple, friendly and fun.
“There’s no dancing, a lower chance of snogging your colleague (no dimmed lights), no enforced jollity, no wearing of silly hats or having to sing karaoke! It’s a great equaliser – everyone from the office junior to the CEO has a chance of winning”.
With 28 stadia around the UK, all offering great value for money Christmas packages, ‘going to the dogs’, has never been more attractive.

Having to be sociable with people I have nothing in common with: 43 per cent
I find them boring: 36 per cent
I feel out of place: 28 per cent
The pressure to look ‘glam’ is too much: 17 per cent

Women: Men:
1. Russell Brand 1. Cheryl Cole
2. Ricky Gervais 2. Jonathan Ross
3. Dermot O’Leary 3. Ricky Gervais
4. Jonathan Ross 4. Kelly Brooke
5. Vernon Kay 5. Russell Brand