The World’s first superfood recipe book

Rawcreation Ltd, the UK’s leading raw food company, has today announced the release of the world’s first ever superfood recipe book; ‘Raw Magic’ by Kate Magic Wood. Containing raw superfood recipes created to educate, empower, excite and transform readers
,’Raw Magic’ is published by Rawcreation Ltd and is available to buy now from and other leading book retailers.

The author, Kate Magic Wood says: “There is a revolution happening in our culture right now, a consciousness revolution. It’s the time when we take back our power and realise we really can live together in joy and vitality. It’s the time when we stand up for our right to exist in love not fear, in harmony not discord, in peace not suffering.”

As well as containing over 160 recipes such as Rocket Fuel Soup, The Orange Orgasm and Blissberry Tart, ‘Raw Magic’ explains the power of superfoods, such as raw cacao, goji berries, algae and maca. It also aims to teach readers how to have a magic day every day through a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.
Miss Magic explains in the book: “Although most people have heard of superfoods, there is some confusion over what the term actually means. I would classify them as natural plant foods which have two primary qualities: firstly, they are exceptionally high in nutrition and thereby provide the body with increased energy, and secondly, they have special intrinsic properties which can enhance our lives greatly. In my book, broccoli and blueberries are not superfoods! They may be very healthy food choices, but they don’t have the super-charged density and vitality of true superfoods. True superfoods really can transform you into a superbeing!”

The author, Kate Magic Wood, has been a raw foodist for almost fifteen years and has previously written the hugely popular raw titles ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw’ and ‘Raw Living’. She also runs an online raw food store, Raw Living, selling her very own revolutionary raw chocolate cakes and bars.

Shazzie, Rawcreation Ltd’s Managing Director, says “I have known Kate for many years and am ecstatic to be publishing the world’s first true superfood recipe book. I have been privileged enough to taste many of these fantastic recipes already and so I know ‘Raw Magic’ is going to be a best-seller!”

Raw Magic is available to order now from priced £17.99 (ISBN: 0-9543977-2-X).