The Wise Bloods share a refreshingly honest social commentary with ‘London Summer Loving’

"The song is mostly about the unique brilliance, authenticity and interconnectedness of our multicultural communities"
30 November 2023

Brightening up the gloomy winter weather comes London Summer Loving, a brand-new reggae bop soaked in some much-needed sunshine, and the latest single to be released by the London-based urban Roots reggae band known as The Wise Bloods. 

The track is infused with smooth, funky reggae beats that evoke the feel of that simmering summer heat that has become synonymous with London in the summer. Each band member has brought their A-game on this track, with a perfected authentic Roots reggae sound at its’ core. Musically speaking, the band move together as one smooth unit. The seamless unity of the group gives the track a fun, relaxed quality that adds to the laid-back, easy-listening vibe, ideal for whenever you feel the need to add a little sunshine to your life.

London Summer Loving serves as a love letter to the city of London, as the band pay homage through their music to the beautiful diversity of cultures, sounds and flavours that make the city such a unique part of the world.

“Inspired by the early days of London’s summer, the song captures the joyful essence of that moment when the warm sun emerges. The chorus lyrics depict a carefree drive through the city, dreaming of having a beautiful girl in the passenger seat, and savouring the fresh sunny rays despite life’s struggles.

Despite the groovy, summery beat, lurking in some of the lyrics lies an acknowledgement of the realities of the darker side of city life, as The Wise Bloods get down to the brass tacks of the inner city crime and ‘hood life’ mentality that exists within the city and its boroughs. With this London Summer Loving, the group have captured an authentic snapshot of London in the summer, with its scorching heat, lively communities, and rich mix of cultures, while at the same time also offering some refreshingly honest social commentary on some of the major issues the city faces today.

Lead singer Jesse James shares, ”When we were younger we sort of wore the violent reputations of our London boroughs as a badge of honour. That quickly changes when the news of a young person dying from a stabbing ends up being someone you know.”

Creating music in this way serves as an outlet for the group to shed some light on some of the issues that many London communities face, such as the prevalence of violence in the city streets, especially amongst the younger generations. It’s not hard to see the deep love that The Wise Bloods have within their hearts for their home city, and this track is the epitome of a ray of positivity shining through to lighten up those darker days. It serves as a reminder of all of the best things about a hot London summer; jamming out to some good tunes in the sunshine, surrounded by a diverse community that loves and supports one another.

“The song is mostly about the unique brilliance, authenticity and interconnectedness of our multicultural communities”, Jesse explains. We’re all out here trying to have a good time and get by. Everywhere is great food, music and an unspoken togetherness. Let’s focus on the potential of the greatness in front of us ready and waiting for when we come together, rather than get caught up in our own egos and stupid beef.

Do yourself a favour and brighten up your day by checking out some more of what The Wise Bloods have to offer – London Summer Loving, amongst their other recent releases, is available for streaming now, and be sure to keep an eye out for any future releases from the group by following their socials.