Leanne Mitchell was crowned the winner of the very first series of The Voice UK. The The 28-year-old from Lowestoft in Suffolk, said: “I’m starting to believe in myself”.Reggie’s blog crew wrote:
So much happened in last night’s skillathon (including performances from Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5), we were left utterly breathless, at times a bit teary and just a little dizzy after that whirlwind of wowzers.

Bo sung heart-wrenching hit ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and her heavenly voice tiptoed over the stirring violins. The coaches fell over themselves to praise her unique style. We had chills, and they multiplied throughout that.Leanne gave us a two minute lesson in WOW singing ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’.

She made it clear that it is actually a woman’s world and she is the queen. Tom seemed to think so, getting to his feet after she blew the studio away. We took a much needed moment to pick our jaw from the floor.Tyler James delivered a superb rendition of ‘I’ll Be There’ and all the TJ trademarks with it. Falsetto? Check. Shoes with no socks on? Check. Goosebumps? Check. Will said Tyler’s a survivor. Was that a rhyme? That’s unlike Will… Jessie hankered after that date. We fainted momentarily. We’re good now…

Vince Kidd gave a stunning performance singing, ‘Many Rivers To Cross’. He sailed through it on a canoe of cool and drenched the audience with his powerful jet stream of high notes. The coaches loved it. Our ears loved it.

We were treated to a little chemistry lesson courtesy Bo and Danny, who sent sparks flying with ‘Read All About It’ and got so close at one point we thought they might bang heads. Danny turned a rap into delightful melodic verses and Bo sung over the marching band with purpose. Take that, Jubilee procession (soz, your majesty!) AMAZING.

Tom and Leanne knocked us out with a double-strength dose of talent. They sizzled together singing ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’. Mama was wrong and they were right never to listen to her. Who listens to their mum anyway? That’s so uncool. (Hi mum!)

Will and Tyler were suspended in mid air as they pumped out mega-hit OMG. Here’s a rave we never thought we’d get invited to, and yet we all have a front row view of the duo’s foot-stomping talent-fest. Man, we love this show…

Jessie and Vince gave us a mega-fresh masterclass in fierce. They sung Jessie’s hit ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ amid blazing flames. If that ain’t a statement, we don’t know what is. A solid performance with tricks, trills AND an acapella finish. These two are HOT.

Then we had to say goodbye to the artist with the lowest votes. Here’s where we (begrudgingly) said farewell to Vince Kidd. It’s been quite a journey. Well done Vince, we think you rock!

Bo, Leanne and Tyler then took us for a trip down memory lane, singing their favourite songs from throughout their time on the show. It seems like only yesterday they were sending the coaches spinning at the Blind Auditions. Now look at them! *Proud face*

And then the moment of reckoning came, Holly held an agonising silence before announcing that Leanne Mitchell is the winner of The Voice UK! Leanne you go, girl! You deserve it and we can’t wait to see what lies in store for you!