THE UNFOUND’s MONOCHROME Shows That There’s Always Hope For The Future

Following their dynamic debut single Sooner Or Late’, fast-rising Montreal rock band The Unfound return to kickstart their 2020 with the brand new single Monochrome. The track is  produced by Dave Traina, The Damn Truth drummer , who helmed also their previous single and has collaborated with We Are Monroe, Juno Award winner Jean Massicote, and Grammy Award winner Tchad Blake.

The Unfound are an excellent tight-knit four piece, led by Benjamin Morris on lead vocals and guitar, Alberto D’Onofrio on guitar, and brothers Matthew Grippo on bass and keyboard, and Jeremy Grippo on drums and percussion.

Loud, chaotic, and energetic, Monochrome sets the tone in typical The Unfound fashion, and as soon as lead singer Benjamin Morris’ piercing vocals take over, you’re already hooked, on the record. According to the band…“when you’re deep in it, it’s almost impossible to imagine feeling any other way, hence the line, ‘monochrome, it feels like home’, in the chorus”.

Speaking about their inspiration behind the track, The Unfound add that, “at its heart, ‘Monochrome’ is a song about depression and how it can feel totally normal when you’re deep within it. Sometimes, it takes a loved one to help you snap out of it and see that it’s not. When you do finally get out of that state, it literally feels like the colour is rushing back into life, so the final chorus ends on an optimistic note with ‘the colour coming back’, to show that there’s always hope for the future. The song came out of one of our first ever jam sessions and was almost written backwards. The lyrics just came out, and we had to make sense of them once they were on paper”.

The Unfound band member and guitarist Alberto D’Onofrio serves as the director once again for the band, much like he did for their video for Sooner Or Later and creates the accompanying docu-realist style music video for Monochrome…Which showcases the chaotic energy that The Unfound bring to the stage.