The UK’s Best TV Shows of 2019

One of the things that probably will never get old is watching TV shows. It’s just something we all can agree. Watching your favorite TV show every night is just a relaxing moment that will keep you entertained. A movie marathon with your friends and family or even by yourself is guaranteed an enjoyable moment.

Here’s a UK TV Guide to know UK’s Best TV Shows of 2019.

1. The Travel Show

Watch The Travel Show see the biggest stories and the best destinations around the world with their team of travel reporters. If you are up for the best travel journalism from the world, this is a show you’d want to watch. It airs on BBC News at 3:30 AM.

2. The Space Race

This TV show by PBS features the key events of the race between the United States and the Soviet Union for almost two decades. It airs at 12:45 AM after NOVA.

3. True Crime’s Trace Evidence: From the Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee

This TV Series features some of the cases of forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee. In this show, Dr. Lee reconstructs how these cases were solved during his 40 years working as a forensic scientist. You can watch it on True Crime at 12 midnight.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-None is an American live-action sitcom that features the funny heroics of the hilarious police precinct in New York City. It airs at 12:35 AM on E4.

5. Live at the Apollo

Who doesn’t want a good laugh, right? If you want to watch cutting-edge stand-up comedy, watch this show on BBC One at 12 AM. You are guaranteed to enjoy watching stand-up comedy program that has been performed from the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in West London.

6. Generation Porn

Channel 4’s Generation Porn at 11:40 AM shows how pornography has drastically changed and how convenient it has become that it is just a click away for any of us. It discusses the opinions and experiences of different people.

7. The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors

Istanbul skyline Rageh looks across the roof tops of the inlet known as the Golden Horn in Istanbul.

Watch this show on BBC Four to explore the roots of the Ottoman Empire – the Muslim Emperors of Europe.

8. Judge Judy

CBS Drama’s Judge Judy shows a no-nonsense judge presiding over small-claims cases in the courtroom. It’s a successful reality series that has actually led to some judicial imitators.

9. The Strangers

Some nights you definitely just want to have a good scare because horror movies are definitely exciting. If you are up for that, watch The Strangers on the Horror Channel. This story is all about three masked intruders terrorizing a young couple in their country house which happens to be in a secluded area.

10. Shocking Emergency Calls

This TV show is a documentary series that features the real story behind the dramatic calls to emergency operators. You’ll see shocking emergency calls in this documentary with never before seen footage, heroic accounts, as well as exclusive interviews. You can watch this TV show on More4