The Top 10 Fashion Rules Every Man Should Know

Most guys have some level of fashion-related common sense that keeps them from walking around looking absolutely ridiculous. However, many men do have questions about how to dress and what kind of clothing items or outfits they should be wearing or avoiding. After all, trends change so quickly that it’s possible to wear something that was considered cool a couple of years ago but is now viewed as “old news” or “out of style.” Luckily, there are some fashion fundamentals that will always be valid and which every man should know, including the following 10 tips:

1. Denim Jeans Are Meant to Be Worn In

Men’s jeans aren’t supposed to be hidden away for special occasions; they should be worn on a regular basis to create a smoother and more natural look. If you’ve ever seen a brand new pair of jeans with a crease in them, you know that a worn-in pair looks much better than one that’s just getting its first use. Plus, many clothing retailers are selling out of their relaxed and distressed men’s jeans specifically because the rustic look is popular. If you want to get on trend with this look, Edwin feature some of our favourite pairs on the market right now.

2. Only Wear Suits That Fit

Some men make the mistake of judging a suit by the brand name or by how it looks on a display mannequin instead of basing their buying decision on the most important aspect – the way the suit fits. While it’s true that you can always have it tailored to fit better later on, it’s at least wise to make sure the fit across the shoulders is right because if you choose a suit with the wrong width it will be more expensive to have the waist and chest sections altered.

3. Wearing A Watch is an Easy Way to Make Any Outfit Look Better

watch can go a long way to help you add a layer of sophistication to your look. Better yet, having multiple watches gives you the flexibility of accessorizing in a more stylish manner. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all for every occasion, go with a sports watch or neutrally coloured casual watch rather than a shiny luxury piece.

4. Colour is Your Friend

The word ‘neutral’ tends to be tossed around a lot in minimalistic circles, and let’s face it – many men have a very straightforward approach when it comes to fashion. The world is full of guys who stick to the neutral colours of white, black, or grey. Unless your budget is highly restrictive, there’s no reason to omit colourful clothing from your wardrobe, especially if you’re trying to build a diverse collection that will serve you during any season.

5. Take Care of Yourself and Your Clothes

If you’re taking all of these other steps to make sure you’re noticeable in a good way, you might as well make sure you’re able to sustain the look. For starters, you should use hangers for your shirts instead of folding them and putting them in a drawer, store your shoes with shoe trees or paper stuffing to prevent wear and polish them regularly. Follow washing and drying instructions on the tag of each piece of clothing. Of course, the same goes for maintaining the look of your facial hair and other aspects of your grooming regimen.  

6. Shoes Should Be at the Top of Your Budget

Social surveys prove that people base most of their perception of an individual on the shoes. Someone with nice shoes is more likely to be viewed as financially stable or wealthy while someone with dirty or cheap looking shoes is more likely to be perceived as someone who is dealing with financial problems. Imagine a scenario in which a rich man spends a ton of money on an outfit but then wears his oldest and ugliest shoes. If he then stands next to a poor man who is wearing a cheap thrift store outfit but has invested a decent sum of money into his footwear, chances are the poor man could still be viewed by others as being more affluent. This simple truth is why spending money on your footwear should be important.

7. Don’t Overcomplicate Your Underwear

There are so many options when it comes to buying underwear nowadays that it can be tempting to build up a fancy collection of designer undies with an abundance of different prints. While you might think that your underwear aesthetics should be up to personal preference, overdoing the eccentricity or exoticness in this department can come off as tacky (i.e. leopard print). For the most part, try to keep your underwear game consistent and simple.

8. Limit Your Use of Accessories

If you love accessories it can be easy to wear smartwatches, hats, fitness bands, sunglasses, bags, and jewellery. However walking around fully geared up like this all the time can give off the impression that you’re trying a bit too hard, so use your accessories wisely instead of packing them all on at the same time.

9. Conform to Rules of the Occasion

Every time you get dressed, think of your day as an event or outing that come with a very specific dress code depending on what activity you’ll be engaging in. While you might be against conforming to the expectations of others, from a fashion standpoint you won’t be helping yourself by wearing out-of-place clothing. In essence, try not to overdress or underdress.

10. The Right Glasses Can Work Wonders

It may seem simple but similar to wearing the right shoes, choosing the right frames for your face can make a huge difference in improving the perception that others have about your overall intelligence and level of sophistication. On the other hand, wearing the wrong frames can make you look absurd, so tread carefully in this department by trying many different options and bringing an honest friend or two who can give you some third-party opinions.  

Ultimately, most guys just need to worry about staying stylish, clean, and well kept. If you heed the tips above, you should be able to leave a desirable impression anywhere you go.