The Thing With Feathers brings out an exciting new song ‘Everything I’m Missing’

“The song definitely has a greater sense of nostalgia"
10 February 2023

The Thing With Feathers are an intriguing mix of alternative rock and indie pop, featuring three of Nashville’s talented musicians: David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (guitar) and Chris Roussell (drums).

The band’s newest single, Everything I’m Missing, is a remarkable track that has the feels of The 1975 and The Strokes. The Thing With Feathers’ lyrics don’t hold back and really capture a mix of frustration and boldness. The song captures the spirit of their indie rock sound, with David Welcsh calling it their ‘quintessence East Nashville song’.

Welcsh teams up with American singer-songwriter Ben Cramer (more popularly known as Old Sea Brigade) to give a stunning vocal performance, exclaims: “The song definitely has a greater sense of nostalgia for us compared to the other tracks on the record in which we were a bit more determined to push the parameters of our genre and create a new modern rock sound” 

After experiencing success with their recent two singles Lights Down Low’ and Figure It Out the latest single serves as a testament to The Thing With Feathers’ ambition to explore new directions and adopt an innovative approach to their catchy indie rock offering.

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