The Story Behind One of the Best Casino Game Series Today

Software developers for casino games are a bit like movie production companies. You have your big players – Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt – and you have your small-time independents – BBI Gaming, Cadillac Jack and so on.

Just like the big movie studios can hire top actors or buy the rights to a hot story, the bigger casino games developers can buy the rights to licence big, brash games based on pop culture. Playtech made the biggest foray in the mid-2000s into this area by agreeing a huge licensing agreement for Marvel Slot Games.

Almost everyone who you see in the big budget Marvel movies today: Spider-Man, Iron-Man and the rest of the Avengers, even the terrible Fantastic Four movie, got turned into a slot game. They were explosive, featuring big jackpots and gameplay that almost made them like video games. There were Playtech’s signature games, and players – whether they were comic-book fans or not – just adored them.

Disney the pulled plug on Marvel games

However, disaster seemingly struck when Disney purchased Marvel Studios and its image rights. Disney, as you know, claims to be a family-friendly company, and online casinos aren’t front and centre of its business model. Put simply, Disney told Playtech they would have to discontinue the games at the end of the contract. Admittedly that took a few years, but Marvel games were removed from all casinos by in March 2017.

How did Playtech cope with losing its signature gaming range? It built a new one – from scratch. The Age of the God Serie. Based on Greek myths, monsters and gods, AOTG has arguably even more canon and creativity to draw upon than the mighty Marvel. The likes of Hercules was featured in the Prince of Olympus Slot, Athena in the Goddess of Wisdom slot and Pegasus in the Ruler of the Skies.

Many people enjoy playing age of gods slots at, one of the web’s top choices for Playtech games. The Age of the Gods series is endlessly inventive, featuring epic special features and cool ways to win. Best of all, there is a huge progressive jackpot game that connects all of the games. Any spin on any of the slots or roulette games can award entry to the jackpot game, which guarantees one of four progressive jackpots, the biggest of which can potentially rise to millions.

Warner Brothers tie-up has been huge success

Interestingly, at the same time as losing the Marvel franchise, Playtech was striking another deal with – you guessed it – Warner Brothers to secure the rights for DC Comics games. That led to an explosion of new games featuring Batman, Superman, Aquaman and the rest. Among the highlights are Justice League Slot and Batman and The Joker Jewels, which is based on the classic Batman television series. All these DC Superheroes slots can also be played at

So, instead of mourning the loss of one franchise-defining game series, Playtech now has two of the most popular, inventive and ambitious casino game series on the internet. While DC Slots are fantastic, the popularity of the AOTG series has demonstrated you don’t need a ready-made story or bunch of characters to create a winning formula.

There are an estimated 30 or so games now falling under the DC Comics and Age of the Gods range, each one has a different style, structure and theme. Like the movies, some can be better than others, whereas a few can be outstanding. Arguably the best range of casino games found anywhere online.