The Stanford Family Band presents ‘Love Me A Bit,’ a harmonious mix of classic appeal and contemporary style

"We really wanted to channel our heroes on this one and we hope it comes across that way"
16 January 2024

The Stanford Family Band, a quartet from Brighton, is capturing attention with their debut single Love Me A Bit, featured on their upcoming 6-track EP to be released by Goo Records.

Led by the captivating voice of Elliot Stanford, the band’s music blends various musical epochs, resonating with the enduring charm of both nostalgic moments and sunny days. They have established a unique sound, influenced by iconic groups such as The Beach Boys and The Modern Lovers. Characterized by intricate four-part harmonies and memorable melodies, their style stands out in the music scene.

Reflecting on the single, lead vocalist and songwriter Elliot Stanford shares, “Love Me A Bit was written a few years back now during a rather tumultuous time in my life. It’s always meant a lot as I felt I’d been able to get my feelings to paper in a way I’d not been able to before. So this tune is particularly special to me. We had attempted to record it a few times before now, but cutting it with (producer) Harry Hayes this time around just brought it all together in such a way, it felt wrong not to have it as our very first single. Everyone is firing on all cylinders on this tune and we are all very proud of how it came out. We really wanted to channel our heroes on this one and we hope it comes across that way. Have a guess who those heroes might be and we can have a chat about it after a show sometime!”  

Love Me A Bit exemplifies the band’s signature style. It harmoniously blends rich, warm vintage recording techniques with lush piano, guitars, boxy drums, and a solid bass line, all under a cascade of vibrant vocal harmonies and irresistibly catchy melodies tinged with a touch of yearning melancholy.
Having already achieved success with other bands, including extensive media coverage, radio airtime, and tours throughout the UK and Europe, The Stanford Family Band is well-acquainted with the spotlight.

Their forthcoming EP on Goo Records is eagerly awaited, highlighting their outstanding songwriting talent and their knack for creating captivating, melodically intricate songs. This collection promises to be a harmonious journey through nostalgic soundscapes, artfully blending the allure of the past with the nuances of the present in enchanting melodies.