The Soapgirls: Redefining Rock with ‘Breathe’ and unapologetic artistry

"We always follow our hearts in our work. Whether we are writing a song or filming a music video, everything is done in the moment"
9 July 2024
The Soapgirls | Mille and Mie Debray

Touring the globe for 6 to 8 months annually, The Soapgirls continuously expand their dynamic discography, with standout tracks like Breath. You can hear the echoes of alt-rock rebels like Janes Addiction and A Perfect Circle in Breathe, but it’s the Blondie-esque subtleties that really set this grunge tune apart. 

Rooted in rock with layers of thick guitars and robust drums, The Soapgirls infuse pop melodies and harmonies into their music. Vocal control is their superpower, switching seamlessly from gentle vibes to fervent storms, painting an evocative picture with every note. 

The Soapgirls | Mille and Mie Debray

Thematically, Breathe emphasizes living in the present and not letting the past confine them, making it a rock anthem about embracing the future. The accompanying music video for Breathe, filmed during lockdown, reflects The Soapgirls’ spontaneous and heartfelt approach to creativity. Heartfelt passion guides every project they take on, the duo confessed, accrediting their hearts as the driving force behind their work. 

The dynamic duo share: “We always follow our hearts in our work. Whether we are writing a song or filming a music video, everything is done in the moment. We don’t try to analyse or pre-empt our creative process. We filmed the video during lockdown, and we wanted to express a message to everyone that although sometimes you may not feel it, you are in control of your own life. We wanted the music video to embody letting go. Just breathe.” 

Soapgirls live l-r Mie and Mille Debray | Photo by Will at Darkstar

Comprised of sisters Camille (Bass, Vocals) and Noémie Debray (Guitar, Vocals), The Soapgirls initially gained attention busking on the streets of Cape Town, where their bold performances and thought-provoking lyrics attracted international acclaim. Soap has never been so vital. The group capitalized on tourists’ love for locally crafted bars, direct funneling the money into hospitals – the root of their celebrated moniker.

Breaking free from their humble beginnings on South African Idols, The Soapgirls have refused to compromise their artistic vision, even when faced with the lure of a major record deal. With a buzzworthy discography featuring Society’s Reject, Jonny Rotten, and Heart In Bloom, they’ve cranked up the volume to reach an impressive 460,000 Spotify streams and million-plus music video views. In the rock scene, they’re the real deal.

Renowned for their uncompromising live shows and advocacy for freedom of expression, The Soapgirls connect deeply with fans, affectionately known as Soapsuds, through regular live streams on YouTube and Instagram. While gearing up for their US debut, The Soapgirls are set to bewitch American audiences with live shows that are equal parts candid and rebellious, stripping away the glamour to reveal a raw, unbridled talent.

With every power chord and driving beat, The Soapgirls shatter the status quo, rallying a global audience around the flag of self-expression. Reinventing the music landscape one Note at a time, The Soapgirls own the stage with their fearless spirit, contagious energy, and trailblazing sound.

USA Tour Dates:

• 07/19 Kansas City, MO Knuckleheads

• 07/21 Denver, CO HQ

• 08/07 Flagstaff, AZ Orpheum Theater

More dates to be announced and can be FOUND HERE