The Silver Lines release new track ‘Cocaine’

"It's is a statement, it’s designed to be provocative, to push boundaries of what can be done musically and be in your face"
1 March 2024
Photo by @dka.demon

A bold leap into punk from Birmingham’s finest, ahead of anticipated second EP

Presenting their most impressive work to date, Birmingham’s alternative rock ensemble, The Silver Lines, has released their compelling new single Cocaine, highlighting the band’s most vibrant and forceful aspect.​ This convincing track is ​the ideal ​initiation to their forthcoming second EP …And The Lord Don’t Think I Can Handle It, giving fans a glimpse into the band’s evolving sound.

The single epitomizes the energetic live performances that have led to sold-out shows throughout the UK and abroad, appearances at festivals in the US and Europe, and significant support from national radio, including BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, and Radio X’s John Kennedy. The band is set to appear at SXSW, continuing their upward trajectory.

Departing from their indie-alternative rock roots, Cocaine explores punk influences with an intense, Soft Play-like approach. The song is driven by a persistent guitar riff, impactful drums, and a forceful bass, setting the stage for the compelling, shout-along vocals.

The band describes Cocaine as a bold statement meant to provoke and challenge musical norms, utilizing simplicity and directness to stand out. The storytelling within the song invites various interpretations, merging the concrete with the symbolic. It deviates from conventional formats, choosing instead to use poetic verses and choruses, while the pace quickens to mimic the exhilarating surge likened to the song’s title.

Photo by @dka.demon

Discussing the song, the band shares: “‘Cocaine’ is a statement, it’s designed to be provocative, to push boundaries of what can be done musically and be in your face. Written around one driving note on the guitar and then built up, the song’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity, contrasting many other guitar based contemporaries in the scene. 

The lyrics are left ambiguous, is cocaine literal or a metaphor? The use of wordplay is also integral with newly made up words used for rhythmic effect seen by such novelists, poet and musicians of yesteryear and no traditional verses and chorus like current songs, instead stanzas and refrains like poetry. The instrumental is unrelenting and deliberately speeds in tempo as the song progress giving it a live sound and the feel of the song is supposed to simulate a rush of adrenalin – the first hit kicks in when the drums become full, the after effects then wear off during the breakdown and the outro is that second hit taking you to a higher level with a cheeky key change thrown in. Overall the song is supposed to feel like a manic journey, a rush of cocaine.

Regarding their upcoming EP, The Silver Lines mention that …And The Lord Don’t Think I Can Handle It marks a shift towards a darker, more challenging artistic expression.

With endorsements from major radio stations and a solid reputation as a live act, The Silver Lines have performed at significant venues and festivals such as Trans Musicales in France, New Colossus Festival in New York, and more, even opening for The Buzzcocks, marking their status as a formidable presence in the music scene.

Upcoming Live Dates:

9th March – The New New Festival, Dallas, Texas, USA

11th March – Valhalla, SXSW, USA

14th March – Valhalla, SXSW, USA

April 3rd – Le Brise Glace, Annecy, France

April 4th – L’Antonnoir, Besancon , France

April  5th – God Save Clermont Festival, Clermont-Ferand, France

April 6th – Le Dancing, Sete , France

April 10th – Le Pingouin, Arthez-de-Berne, France

April 11th – Les Abbatoirs, Cognac, France

April 12th – Supersonic, Paris, France

April 13th – Le Metaphone, Oignies, France

May 25th – A Stone’s Throw Festival, Newcastle, UK

July 27th – Festival de la Mer, Landunvez, France