Shout Out Louds gave honey pop to Belfast fans

Gig review by Keith Bailie
SWEDISH indie-pop act SHOUT OUT LOUDS convinced Belfast music fans that they’re an act that deserve to be taken seriously.
The Scandinavian five piece brought their unique brand of honey tinged joyous pop to the Limelight and found universal approval from the medium sized crowd that had gathered at the Ormeau Road venue.

Fans were pleased that they turned up at all after they cancelled their gig the previous night in Leeds due to the illness of the keyboardist Bebban. If she was ill in Belfast she certainly didn’t show. The keyboardist was the spine of many of the Shout Out Louds pop songs, even playing accordion at one stage.

The Shout Out Louds wooed the crowd with their singles Please Please Please, which charted at 53 in the UK Charts, and the beautiful Impossible. One of the highlights of the night was their cover of The Clash’s Train in Vain (Stand By Me) which they attacked with their own brand of enthusiasm and diligence that served the punk rock classic well. The Swedes also threw in a Pogues cover for good measure.
There was also no sign of arrogance from the Shout Out Louds who bashfully announced two songs from the end of their set that “This is our encore” rather than milking the Belfast crowd applauses. They also weren’t afraid to muck in, their guitarist Carl von Arbin did his utmost to sell the bands merchandise while local band the Cutaways warmed the crowd up.

The Cutaways weren’t ones to spoil the party. The Belfast band ably supported the Shout Out Louds catching the attention of those who took the time to make their way to the Limelight early. Although they were greeted with the traditional 6 steps back from the front attitude that often welcome supports bands in the Limelight, the crowd soon warmed to them.

  • shoutoutlouds.com
  • myspace.com/cutaways