Many people try to pull off a high-end look but end up crashing and burning. Either they break the bank on buying all designer everything or they up the weird factor and hope people at least
think they have ‘unique’ style.

For those who do not have a personal stylist, designers begging them to wear their clothes or a limitless credit card, it can be difficult to attain a high-end look on the daily. You do not need to be Beyoncé to be fabulous – just a little savvy.01-coast-high-summer-2015-lookbook-black-white-striped-freya-feather-top-white-paloma-trouser_Fotor_CollageQuality over Quantity

Many people have the bad habit of buying things simply because they are a good deal, but this is the worst thing you can do. Yes, deals are awesome and we all love deals, BUT there is no reason to clutter up your wardrobe with something that is not quite your style, not a great fit or (heaven forbid) poor quality.

Sometimes you can compromise on quality in order to get a deal but often it is not worth the hassle because what is the point of buying something that is just going to last a couple wears- that is not a good investment. Clothing is an investment so invest in a few nice pieces rather than a variety of flimsy, awkward pieces that you’ll end up regretting.01-coast-high-summer-2015-lookbook-CollageOnline shopping can be beautiful, time-saving and money-saving, or it can be a complete waste of time. The websites you chose to buy from should have reviews and decent return policies because, after all, you are taking a chance and trusting them to deliver a quality item that you have only seen in a picture.

It can take a bit of time to find the right sites and products online so it can be a good idea to turn to sites like ResellerRatings where they specialize in consumer ratings and also have tips on discounts, OR VoucherBin UK where they have tons of discounts for a wide variety of stores as well as reviews and comments.

It is nice to know what you’re getting into and hear it from people who have actually shopped with those sites before.

Simplicity and Staplescosta6Being able to simplify your wardrobe is not only freeing, but it also makes it much easier to makegood outfit decisions.

If you have weird or unflattering items in your closet, chances are, you may end up wearing them for some reason. Nobody knows why, but it happens, so get rid of that stuff and make room for the staples! costa5One of the best tips for fashion lovers is to stock up on staple clothing items that are high quality but can be used in many ways. Neutral colored tops and bottoms that can be paired with a unique item are worth their weight in gold.

They give you an excuse to wear that crazy print or pattern that you splurged on, and they let it take center stage at that.costa7Well Planned Out

Outfit and wardrobe planning may seem silly or tedious, but it can actually be quite a time saver and money saver in the long run. Figure out a way to swap out pieces tokeep your wardrobe fresh and not bogged down with passé items that you don’t wear anymore.

Also, look into discount fashion sites that sell unique and designer fashion items before splurging on a designer site or department store where things are full price. Do a little homework and planning before you buy and you won’t regret it!

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