The rise of the fashion partyParty trends come and go but what’s interesting is the way that fashion parties have become a thing in 2016.

Whether it’s pretending to revisit the decadent chic of the Scorsese films with your own casino-flavoured party, or just embracing your inner child with a Disney-themed party, it’s clear that there’s few better ways to get things going than by making sure that everyone’s dressed up in some spectacular attire!CASINO CollageWe’ve already shown how the baroque look is making a resurgence in today’s party scene, but one of the more unexpected fashion party trends is the so-called ‘chav party’. These have gained a fair degree of notoriety in recent years as they are perceived to be a way of making fun of the poor. But above all, it shows how careful you have to be in your fashion party decisions.chavThis is why the more fantastical themes tend to bring about the greatest degrees of success with the Disney-themed party being perhaps one of the more easy to understand trends. Not only does it give everyone chance to reduce their IQ by half, but the somewhat sinister sight of seeing a room full of adults dressed up in Disney costumes of characters like Buzz Lightyear, Minnie Mouse and the Mad Hatter can make for endless Instagram-based amusement.partydelightsBut if you’re looking for something that’s a little more grown-up, then the casino party is always a good option. Not only do the games of poker provide everyone with something to do whilst waiting for the alcohol to kick in, but by giving everyone the chance to dress up like extras from a Tarantino film, it’ll definitely up the style stakes.Pulp-FictionFurthermore, it’s pretty simple to accessorise a casino party with all manner of high-impact cocktails, and seeing as Coral have just been listing their poker promotions, there’s never been a better time to use their £20 worth of tokens so that your casino party really goes off with a bang.

Other simple ways to host a fashion party without blowing your budget include some retro 1990s party ideas that give us all the chance to rummage in the attic and reclaim whatever godawful clothes we were wearing in that decade. Fresh Prince of Bel Air all saintsSo whether you’re rediscovering the joys of those All Saints-style combat trousers, pretending that you were into grunge all along, or just channelling your inner Fresh Prince of Bel Air whilst playing one more round of online poker, you can be sure of a pretty memorable evening!