The rise of gifting plastic surgery

By: Vanessa B

Gifting surgery can initially seem like a strange idea. But as the general public has become more accepting of cosmetic procedures, it has become a more popular practice. Procedures such as nose jobs and face lifts are increasingly being seen as a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member. Would you give the gift of plastic surgery?


The rise of surgery as a gift idea can largely be explained with how open people are about cosmetic procedures these days. In the past, very few people would admit to having cosmetic surgery. But with celebrities becoming more open about their procedures and the rise of an image conscious society, we’re becoming more accepting of the industry. In fact, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reported that its doctors were receiving up to 70 per cent increases in requests for virtual consultations in 2020. As a result, people are more prepared than ever before to offer surgery as a gift. 


There are still risks to offering such a gift though. For a start, you need to be sure that this is a welcomed gift. If you gift someone surgery that they have no interest in, it can be interpreted as an insult. Imagine, for instance if someone bought you membership to a weight loss club that you didn’t think you needed. Make sure you thoroughly research the company you’re using too. When gifting surgery, you want to ensure that your loved one is in the safest, most trustworthy hands. 

Can it be a good thing?

If surgery is on someone’s wish list it can be a thoughtful gift. By gifting them help for the surgery, you’re allowing your loved one to embrace change and who they want to be. All being well, they’ll have a successful surgery and find themselves delighted with the results. In this scenario, it’s common for someone’s self-esteem and mental wellbeing to improve alongside the cosmetic benefit. This does require strong, clear communication and a trustworthy surgeon and practice, however. 

Gifting surgery can be a thoughtful, generous present. Just ensure that it’s a solicited gift, rather than something you’re unexpectedly giving to someone. All being well, your gift will leave your friend or family member finding a new lease of confidence. 


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