The Relationship between the Music and Sponsorship Industries

In the US, it is estimated that $6 billion is spent every year on music advertising. It has been a beneficial relationship for both sides of the coin.
4th July 2023

Music and advertising have had a long relationship. In the US, it is estimated that $6 billion is spent every year on music advertising. It has been a beneficial relationship for both sides of the coin. Musicians find themselves thrust into the spotlight, appearing on billboards, television and social media while the company can align themselves with musicians and gain new customers from that partnership. In this article, we’re taking a look at collaborations between brands and the music industry. 


There are not many examples of world stars partnering with gambling firms. However, just under a decade ago, UK gambling company Betfair teamed up with Live Nation in New Jersey as online gambling began to grow in the state. Nowadays, the company uses offers like Betfair 50 free spins which gives new sign-ups the chance to get free spins on selected games as well as a free deposit. In 2014, as part of the partnership between Betfair and Live Nation, gambling customers were given the chance to earn credits at Live Nation events. These credits could then be used to buy tickets for any events organised by Live Nation.


The relationship between music and sport has grown in the past few decades. Jay-Z used to own part of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team while Justin Timberlake owns the Memphis Grizzlies. In the UK, the world famous Elton John owned Watford, the London-based football club.

Spotify spotted an opportunity in the market recently and have partnered with Barcelona, one of the biggest clubs in world football. The deal, which brought together two of the largest companies in their respective industries, involves both shirt and stadium sponsorship. Founded just a few years ago, it is quite a coup for the company. While with financial issues of their own, Barcelona will hope this sponsorship opens up new revenue streams.

English musician Ed Sheeran wanted a taste of the sponsorship game. In 2021, he took out sponsorship on the front of Ipswich Town’s shirts. He grew up as a supporter of the team and has even been known to wear their shirts at concerts, no matter where he is touring. Another, not so famous group of musicians set the trend in the 90s when Wet Wet Wet sponsored a Scottish team, Clydebank, for a season.


The retail industry has also had its fair share of sponsorship deals with musicians. In 2019, Amazon announced a cosmetic partnership with Lady Gaga and her beauty products were promoted around Prime Day. Taylor Swift has also participated in some lucrative adverts with Apple even after going to court with the brand in the preceding years.

As the advertising industry changes and we see more money than ever before in sponsorship, it opens up the opportunity for different types of collaborations. Social media has also contributed to this and now allows brands and musicians the chance to be closer to their fans. What trends emerge in the future remain to be seen.