the-regrettes1aDescribing themselves as “Just some LA babies playin rock n roll”…Garage pop quartet The Regrettes – fronted by outspoken singer Lydia Night with Genessa Gariano on guitar, Sage Nicole on bass and drummer Maxx Morando – make marvelously brazen and intoxicating punk driven noises. Now they share this charmingly clever 1950’s infused video, featuring drag king Murray Hill, for their new rock n roll gem ‘Hey Now’.

On the motivations for the track Lydia reveals: “My music is a spectrum of every emotion that I have felt in the last year, and you can hear that when you hear the songs. Everything that is happening in my life influences me. It’s everything from boys, to friends, to being pissed off at people, to being really sad. Just everything.”the-regrettes1On the band’s credible punk aesthetic, she says: “The way that we write, it’s all based on honesty…If I finish a song, I’ll just leave it – I won’t really go back to it. I like things to feel in the moment and I don’t want it to be perfect. If I work on something too much I lose it and get bored and I want to do the next one..”