It’s the mass of people, not the prospect of a little skin, that has Kylie Minogue worried.

This is, after all, a woman who regularly uses and markets her sexuality to her advantage—even if that means being taken less seriously.

“I have big ambitions,” says Minogue, in an interview with to BlackBook Magazine.
“But I’m really quiet about it. What’s that saying? ‘Never let people know how much you know.’”

Although she’s a shrewd business mogul, it’s Minogue’s body, rather than her brain, that generates the most buzz.
Still, Minogue has limits. “I did a commercial for Agent Provocateur a while ago,” says the Grammy winner, referring to a video she filmed in 2001 for the slinky lingerie brand.

In it, Minogue rides a red velvet–covered mechanical bull to simulated, unrestrained orgasm.
Though the BBC banned the spot, it went viral with more than 360 million YouTube views as of 2007.

“I was so timid about that one,” she says. “I didn’t want to take my robe off, but then I passed through this chasm and on the other side of it was a professional who knew what she had to do.

Next thing you know, the robe came off and there I was, riding that bull.”
The tension between modest girl-next-door and bronco-bucking vixen cuts to the heart of Minogue’s enduring worldwide appeal.

She is at once a low maintenance innocent and, as she is more frequently portrayed in gossip rags, a relentless showgirl with an exhibitionist streak.
The Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, her friend and collaborator, says, “Her on-stage persona is very true to who she is. To watch her perform is to get a glimpse into her soul.”

But Minogue insists that her sexpot image isn’t the entire truth.

“People know me from one angle, or two angles, but few people actually know me. That’s not my real world and yet it’s some kind of reality for me because I do it,” she says. “Sometimes I think, Did I really, actually do that?”
By Nick Haramis
Photos by Simon Emmett

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