Sex and the City fans travelling to the Big Apple in the wake of the new film will find a City experience nearly £500 more expensive since the girls first walked onto the big screen, according to Travelex.

To mark the release of the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2, leading foreign exchange specialist Travelex researched the cost of following in the footsteps of Carrie and friends this year.
The findings reveal that fans flocking to New York will be left more than a few Cosmos short of a cocktail party compared to the same trip 2 years ago.

The Pound has dropped in value by nearly a quarter (23%) compared to May 2008 when the US Dollar was at an all time high.

The research comes as Travelex predicts a surge in the number of women heading to New York inspired by the film, which premiers in London’s Leicester Square this month.

The previous film was credited with fuelling a 50% increase in the number of all female trips made by British and Irish shoppers to New York in the summer of 2008.
SATC fans at the time were getting just shy of $2 (1.93) to the Pound, which equated to $965 when exchanging £500. Today, fans heading to the US in search of their Mr Big will get just $745 leaving them $220 worse off!

With a two night stay at the stylish The W Hotel up by over £100 and the same Marc Jacobs handbag £150 more expensive, it takes the estimated cost of checking out Carrie’s Manhattan haunts to £1,989, an increase of £452 from 2008.

Travelex have researched the true cost of putting together the ultimate Sex and the City weekend including accommodation, a meal at the girls favourite restaurant, Balthazar and even a trip to the famous Frederic Fekkai salon.

Carrie’s shopping basket:

Two nights at The W Hotel ($665)
May 2008: £345
May 2010: £446

Meal for four at Balthazar ($227)
May 2008: £118
May 2010: £152

A Marc Jacobs handbag ($1000)
May 2008: £518
May 2010: £671

A pair of Manolo Blahnik new season shoes ($800)
May 2008: £415
May 2010: £537

A Cosmopolitan at The Hudson Terrace Bar ($18)
May 2008: £9
May 2010: £12

Luxury Manicure at Bliss ($55)
May 2008: £28
May 2010: £37

Cut and Blowdry at Frederic Fekkai ($200)
May 2008: £104
May 2010: £134

The cost of being a SATC Girl
May 2008: £1537
May 2010: £1989