The Ramona Flowers1Bristol five-piece The Ramona Flowers’ debut album ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’ is released July 14th via Distiller Records. This is the stunning video for their strong single ‘Tokyo’, produced by Andy Barlow of Lamb and mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals/The Vaccines). The new track includes remixes by Thom Alt-J and Eagles For Hands.

Over the past year The Ramona Flowers have build a very good and solid reputation with to their live shows with Bastille, Bombay Bicycle Club, Foxes, MS MR and remixes from the likes of Hot Chip and Everything Everything…The Ramona Flowers2How has your music evolved since ‘Lust and Lies’

We’ve moved on as songwriters. ‘Lust and Lies’ was one of the first songs we wrote. We now have a better idea of the direction we want to go and are more confident experimenting with different sounds and have grown as a band.

We really like ‘Tokyo’. What’s with the shift towards more experimental sounds?

We’ve always been interested in trying to use experimental sounds and we were keen to start incorporating these into our songs. After working with Andy Barlow he gave us the confidence to experiment. The studio we use has some amazing synths and along with using Ableton you can create some unique sounds. Tokyo was actually one of the last songs to be recorded for the album and I think it shows the direction were heading for future songs and sounds. The Ramona Flowers6Tell us 5 things we should know about the stunning video for ‘Tokyo’.

1 – Masumi Saito the dancer in the video is an amazing movement artist from Japan who first started to dance age 3.
2- Director Bouha Kazmi was nominated for best young director award in Cannes 2013
3- The ladies in the video had to endure being blown in the face by an industrial leaf blower for hours on end!!
4- Sam our guitarist came up with the initial idea of the video
5- Were not in it!!The Ramona Flowers5How important is it to work with Lamb’s Andy Barlow?

When we first started the band we were trying to ‘create’ our sound. It’s not easy at the start, you have five guys with varying influences coming together trying to write music you all love and like. We had a few songs written then worked with a few producers. The songs never really changed from the demo versions and never evolved into something we hoped for . We were looking for someone to come in and in essence become the 6th member of the band and help us achieve our vision.

Sam had always been a big fan of Lamb and loved the sounds and textures they used. Just on a punt he sent Andy Barlow a few of our demos and he came back to us saying he would love the chance to work with us. After the first meeting we all knew we shared the same ideas and started work crafting our sound. He identified our strengths and weaknesses and worked with us individually and collectively to bring out the best in all of us.The Ramona Flowers4Can you introduce your new album?

Our debut album is called ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’ and is out July 14th

What were your influences whilst writing it?

Obviously with five members of the band the influences vary. But we were all listening a lot to Baths, I would say he was a big influence and if you haven’t heard of him I’d recommend you check him out, the man is a genius.

You have remixes from the likes of Hot Chip and Everything Everything. Alt J and Eagles for Hands…Why do you think they love to remix your tracks?

I have no idea but I’m bloody glad they do! Hopefully it’s because they can hear a good song

From your shows with Bastille, Bombay Bicycle Club, Foxes, MS MR…What is one unforgettable tour memory?

Wayne: My personal highlight is on the Bastille tour on my birthday, Steve announced it to the crowd in Manchester and I had 1000 people sing Happy Birthday to me! Definitely a tour highlight.

May 4th – Bristol, Thekla …Tell us why we should be there.

Because you’ll have a great night and there’s nothing better on the tele, so come on down. ( And we’ll buy you a pint!!)The Ramona Flowers3‘Dismantle and Rebuild’ is released July 14th. Pre-order now on iTunes

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