The Power Of A Good Outfit: How To Dress For A Good Mood

By Vanessa B

With more people looking to take advantage of staycations in the UK this year, you might find that your mood is a little different from your usual holiday excitement. It’s true that a wide range of internal and external factors can affect our mood, with one in particular having the power to make or break our mood for the day – our clothes.

Everyone likes to look their best, especially when on holiday going out exploring somewhere new. Staycations are no different, although you might be trading out a bikini or swim shorts for a gilet or fleece depending on the weather. Your clothing choice from head to toe will have an impact on your mood, perhaps more than you realise – and here’s how.

The power of colour

We can attribute a lot of our personality to specific colours we like. There are the colours we feel suit us, whether that’s through complementing eye colour or hair tones, as well as those which we keep away from.

Wearing our favourite shades can do a lot to boost our moods, and when combined with the clothes we feel flatter our bodies it can be a powerful tool for feeling confident. This comes down to colour psychology and how we perceive different colours.

Certain shades can be tied into emotional states, with the usual examples being how we perceive red and blue tones. Red and yellow hues are linked more with high-energy states of being which could suit outfits for when you’ll be taking part in intense activities or feel like going out feeling confident. 

On the flipside, blues and greens are considered to be indicators of calmer, low-energy states. This could be better if you’re in need of some tranquillity that can be reflected in what you’re wearing.

Depending on what your holiday plans are, you may want to pack outfits with colours that suit what you’ll be getting up to.

Wear what makes you feel good

On holiday, we can typically spend a lot of time thinking about what to pack with various guides on what to pack in terms of quantity and variety. We want to ensure we have the clothes which we’ll feel best in so we can make the most of our holiday time.

For some occasions, you might want outfits that make you feel especially stylish or eye-catching, while for others there may be a need for more comfortable clothing so you can fully relax. Anything from the cut of a t-shirt and how it fits your body to the right shoe choice can affect how you’re feeling on any given day, especially if you’re going to be out for an extended period of time.

When packing for a staycation, there’s the need to balance practicality with pieces which make us feel ourselves. This combination can ensure you feel prepared for any eventuality and feel good while wearing it – no one likes getting caught out with only shorts when it’s chilly outside. Plus, it can make every moment feel like a photo opportunity which you can look back on and feel good about your outfit.

Walk this way

Shoes complete your outfit and can really affect the overall look, as well as the way you feel. They literally affect the way you walk, and this undoubtedly has an impact on your mood. As well as discomfort, poorly fitting or unsupportive footwear can also cause health problems over time. This is why it’s worth investing in comfort and quality when it comes to your footwear. Whether it’s a classic and timeless style or something more fun and trendy, wearing the right shoes can make a world of difference to how you feel as you go about your day and get the best out of it.