We all know the rather entertaining story of ‘Irish GoPro dad’ Joseph P Griffin, who went viral following the hilarious ‘backwards’ GoPro video of “his” very special Las Vegas trip.

Now the internet sensation has been offered a second chance to film the holiday, a sort of ‘Las Vegas redo’ by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority .

A spokesperson explained: “Keep your eyes peeled as Las Vegas will unveil the explorations of the beloved ‘Irish GoPro Dad’ reliving his Las Vegas vacation soon…Hopefully with the camera facing the right way.”

In the meantime, we could get a taste of Las Vegas, simply checking out sparkling online gambling sites like this one and give a listen to some top tunes about Las Vegas…

Scottish rock band Cocteau Twins described wonderfully a different side of the city, isolated in the desert, with ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’.

LA based Sara Bareilles singer-songwriter delivered ‘Vegas’, a soulful track lifted from her impressive 2007′ debut album ‘Little Voice’.

Perhaps not iconic as ‘Viva Las Vegas’…But Elvis Presley’s ‘Night Life’, released in 1968 on ‘Elvis Sings Flaming Star’, it showcases his incredible charm, swag and charisma all over.

Norway’s Clubstrophobia portray the atmosphere of the city with the fascinating ‘Vegas’, accompanied by a stunningly vivid video.

American new wave band The B-52s’ talk about gambling in their unique way with ‘Queen of Las Vegas’.

Frank Sinatra’s ‘Luck Be a Lady’, confirmed once more why he is one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century.

With Katy Perry’s ‘Waking Up in Vegas’, we get the perfect advice from the Pop Princess…“shake the glitter off your clothes” to react to a long self-indulgent night in Vegas.